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UnityF8 from Sanderson is a comprehensive food industry ERP system designed to meet the specific needs of midsized-to-large Food and Drink manufacturers. (For smaller food manufacturers we also provide a small business version called ‘UnityExpress which you can access online for an affordable ‘pay monthly’ subscription.)

With UnityF8 you get one system which manages:

  • Recipe/formulation management: improve your recipe control and costing with food software
  • Factory automation: optimise production efficiency and control for greater cost savings
  • Warehouse Management: improve efficiency and reduce stockholding to keep production costs low
  • Supply chain management: optimise purchasing against demand and stock, ensuring your customer gets the product they want, when they want.

UnityF8 manages every part of your business to ensure better efficiency, better accuracy and better control. UnityF8 food industry software allows you to improve your production efficiency and recipe margins, and reduce your wastage and stockholding costs.

Because UnityF8 is designed specifically for Food and Drink businesses, it comes with all the functionality you need to control your factory, warehouse, supply chain, sales and financials.

UnityF8 food inventory software and recipe formulation management software solutions are available fully integrated within this enterprise-wide system, or standalone.

Additional features you gain with UnityF8 include:

  • Reporting tools: instantly access advanced management analytics or build custom reports to inform business decisions or resolve issues
  • A built-in financial management suite: benefit from fully linked accounts and ledgers
  • Document management: cuts paperwork from your processes, reducing risk and paperwork storage to save thousands of pounds
  • Mobile Solutions: benefit from using operational and management tools on today's mobile devices.

This 'one system' approach of UnityF8 transforms the accuracy and visibility of your business's data, helping you easily control your operations for maximum profitability. There’s no more relying on spreadsheets, or struggling with systems which don't link to each other and need information to be re-entered and re-checked.

If your business changes, UnityF8 supports that easily, too - a wide choice of modules are available to add the extra functionality you need. In fact, UnityF8 is so adaptable, it can feel like it was designed especially for your business.

Food industry ERP - Suits all types of Food and Beverage businesses

UnityF8 has been designed with industry regulations and demands in mind, offering traceability, allergen control, quality controls (and much more) as standard.

Whatever the demands of your business, UnityF8 supports you with a proven food industry software system that is already used across diverse food and beverage market sectors.

Recognised by the food industry press and Food & Drink Federation

SFDF Sanderson 'Profit Rocket' seminar 2012

With over 30 years of experience supporting UK Food & Drink businesses of all sizes, Sanderson is an established top supplier of specialist ERP software for the industry.

Right: The Food & Drink Federation (and Scottish Food & Drink Federation) named Sanderson as a Commercial Partner for Software for 2012. Here Scottish members discuss how ingredient tolerances are managed by Sanderson food ERP software on the factory floor using integrated weigh scales and touchscreens.

Recent press coverage includes FMCG magazine's profile on Sanderson in November 2012 issue - read it here (opens new window).

Sanderson – we know the food industry

At Sanderson, we have over 25 years’ experience in helping UK food businesses succeed with our food software:

  • Often we help food businesses where other IT providers have failed
  • On average our customers have been with us for 10 years or more: a clear indication that our Food Industry ERP and recipe formulation management software helps businesses grow and succeed.

Sanderson offers flexible Food Industry ERP software to keep your business growing and running smoothly – call us on 0843 636 7020 to find out more.

Download Brochure: Food Industry ERP Explained

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