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Sanderson offers a range of integrated IT solutions systems designed to increase your business efficiency and give you a competitive edge. Our IT software, manufacturing solution systems - and multi-channel retail solutions are tightly focused on helping companies operating in multi-channel retail and manufacturing achieve and exceed their business goals.

Every IT solution provided by Sanderson is backed by our well-trained, talented staff to ensure a speedy and ongoing return on your investment.

Use the links below to discover more about our multi-channel retail solutions, manufacturing software and integrated IT Solutions, and how they could be put to work in your business.

  • Unity Our manufacturing ERP software
  • Elucid Our multi-channel retail software
  • Unity F8 Our food and drink ERP software
  • Swords Our wholesale distribution software
  • Payroll Bureau Service

With more than 25 years’ experience in the multi-channel retail and manufacturing sectors, Sanderson has the knowledge and experience to deliver integrated IT solutions to suit your business. Use the links above to find out more.

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50 Shades of ERP – Growing Pains

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Business owner’s guide: 6 selfish reasons for wanting ERP software

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Tomorrow’s World: discover the multi-channel retail business of the future

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5 KPIs which show it’s time to invest in multi-channel software