UnityF8 - Management Reports and Business Intelligence

UnityF8 food ERP software from Sanderson captures all your food business’s data into a single database so it is easy to manage and report on. Integrated management and Business Intelligence report tools are provided to meet all needs in your company.

Live data views and management reporting

UnityF8’s comprehensive Business Intelligence reporting tools allow you to instantly report on any data in your business, such as:

  • Live factory floor data
  • Real time warehouse data
  • Data from finance and other departments
  • Data from suppliers
  • In fact, all the data from across your business!

With UnityF8, you can present reports in a number of formats to suit your needs. You can build reports and graphs, or export information into another program if required. For example, create warehouse management reports using real time warehouse data to inform stockholding decisions.

Most importantly, UnityF8 food ERP software ensures your business and staff have instant access to accurate, usable reports based on up-to-date information. Your food manufacturing business will always have the Business Intelligence reports required to make effective day-to-day decisions.

Business Intelligence reporting tools

UnityF8 Business Intelligence reporting tools transform your business data into useful information that can be presented graphically or in report format. Access to information is immediate, whether for ad hoc enquiries or for automated reports allowing informed business decision to be made quickly.

Your food manufacturing business gets the Business Intelligence reports you need to help make effective day-to-day decisions. UnityF8’s advanced Business Intelligence tools allow you to create reports of varying complexity to ensure you extract exactly the right data.

The major benefits of the UnityF8 Business Intelligence reporting tools include:

  • Faster and more accurate reporting
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved customer service
  • Management of KPIs
  • Improved control of your business.

Supporting in-depth analysis and effective decision making, UnityF8 Business Intelligence reports offer real benefits across the breadth of your food and drink business.

You get visibility across all areas of your company, so that management remains informed and in control of day-to-day and long-term operations. Historical and current business data can be analysed to provide a complete on-screen view of the business, in areas such as:

  • Customer buying patterns
  • Promotion analysis
  • Customer and product profitability
  • Debtors
  • Yields
  • Wastage analysis
  • Inventory.

Improving Business Responsiveness

In addition, just one glance at the UnityF8 dashboard of colour-coded graphs, KPIs, tables and reports will quickly tell you exactly what you need to know. Visual displays and intuitive menus provide simple yet robust analytical capabilities in the hands of your company’s decision makers.

Financial reports, Business Intelligence reports, warehouse management reports etc. can be created and distributed via email. UnityF8 provides the facility to send an automated email or SMS alert to nominated users when a defined condition is met within the system.

Examples of such alerts include:

  • Sales order put on credit hold
  • Customer complaint received
  • Stock suspended
  • Production confirmed with a high/low yield
  • Change to the preferred supplier against a raw material.

Call Sanderson on 0843 636 7672 today to find out how UnityF8’s management and Business Intelligence reporting tools can help overall management of your company.

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