UnityF8 - Warehouse and Inventory Management

UnityF8 stock inventory management software from Sanderson gives you a complete overview of your warehouse operations allowing you to easily identify efficiencies and cost savings.

UnityF8 allows you to:

  • Access real time warehouse data and up-to-date forecasts
  • Track all stock transactions
  • Improve stock rotation
  • Reduce inventory and work-in-progress costs
  • Integrate with Radio Data Terminals (RDTs) for automated stock inventory management.

Improves stock control and lowers costs

Developed specifically for food and drink businesses, UnityF8 stock inventory management software allows you to ensure the availability of materials and maximise output in your operations. Our customers repeatedly find UnityF8’s stock inventory management abilities bring significant time and cost savings to their operations.

In addition the UnityF8 system supports Radio Data Terminals (RDTs) to increase the accuracy and speed of picking in the warehouse, capture real time warehouse data and reduce costly manual errors.

UnityF8 warehouse software allows you to maintain a record of all your stock transactions, including:

  • Receipts from suppliers
  • Issues and receipts from the factory
  • Despatches to customers and stock adjustments.

The UnityF8 inventory management functions also include:

  • Full two-traceability
  • Use-by-dates
  • Multiple stock locations.

These functions are designed to help you manage stock accurately, and reduce the frequency of stock takes.

Warehouse management - traceability and reporting

UnityF8 warehouse software tracks both raw materials and finished goods and integrates with radio data terminals for increased accuracy and efficiency. Core warehouse software functionality includes:

  • Unlimited floor and rack locations
  • Zoning of raw materials and products
  • Palletised stock
  • Radio Data Terminal integration
  • Vehicle loading
  • Job scheduling
  • Real time stock checks

UnityF8 provides powerful management reporting and a full audit trail of movements within the warehouse for accurate supply chain management forecasting.

Pallet management - for you, customers and suppliers

With UnityF8 you can easily track the movement of pallets, trays and IBCs on-site and at customer sites. The pallet management functionality includes:

  • Multiple pallet types
  • Record of pallets sent to customers
  • Record of pallets received from suppliers
  • Full integration with UnityF8’s sales management and manufacturing functions.

Call Sanderson on 0843 636 4710 to discuss how UnityF8 provides a total stock inventory management solution that can help your food and drink business get a grip on real time warehouse data.

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