Introducing UnityExpress small business software

Easy-to-use, affordable business software for manufacturers and distributors

UnityExpress is cost effective, easy-to-use business software designed specifically for small and medium sized manufacturers and distributors.

Now UnityExpress makes it easy to manage your business functions across sales, purchasing, stock, production and financials, all in a single integrated system. UnityExpress can be installed on customer premises or deployed via the Cloud as software as a service.

Whether you’ve outgrown your current business software or are looking for your first system, UnityExpress helps you grow your business. UnityExpress is customisable so it can fit your business processes, rather than forcing your business to match the software.

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An Integrated System for 'All-in-One' Control

UnityExpress covers all core operations, giving you a fully up-to-date, integrated view of your business critical information at your fingertips:

Management Reporting * Sales * Purchasing * Production * Stock * Financials * Time Recording * Document Management & Email

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Real-Time Reporting

You can instantly access a complete and real-time view of your business, enabling you to confidently make informed business decisions.

Reports are available on smartphones and tablets, so wherever you are you enjoy full visibility of how your business is performing.

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No More Spreadsheet Headaches!

You may be familiar with the problem of storing business critical information across multiple spreadsheets or documents - especially when you’ve outgrown your current business system. This information becomes hard to access quickly.

UnityExpress ensures you no longer need to store information elsewhere or re-key it. This improves data accuracy and reduces administration costs and bottlenecks.

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Fast and Accurate Quotations

Quotations are produced quickly and easily in UnityExpress. You save time with the option to create a quotation from an existing quotation or sales order, or import one from a spreadsheet. Quickly create a new product design from scratch or using an existing bill of materials. Your margins and prices can be quickly changed to arrive at a fast, accurate sales price.

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Automatic Document Email

Your documents such as invoices, statements or purchase orders are sent electronically, so you save significant time and money on postage.

You can set up any document in UnityExpress to automatically email a contact, keeping the required people informed in real-time.

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Paperless Office

UnityExpress enables you to attach any Microsoft Office or Windows file to a key item of information. For example, you can store Proof of Delivery notes (PODs) against Sales Orders, a product design against a Works Order or letter correspondence against a customer.

Combined with its document email tools, the UnityExpress document management system helps your business enjoy the efficiency and tidiness of a true paperless office.

"A true partnership to drive your business forward. Download a brochure today."

Paul Hughson, General Manager for manufacturing solutions, explains the benefits of choosing Sanderson as your business IT partner:

"Our expert team fully manages your implementation from data migration and installation through to training your staff. We take the strain out of giving your business faster, accurate systems and processes.

This enables you to carry on running your business with minimal interruption. You also don't need dedicated IT personnel to implement UnityExpress - we make it our job to make your job easier.

You get the assurance and benefits of our 30 years’ expertise in helping businesses like yours prosper using our effective industry software."

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UnityExpress from Sanderson offers the benefits of ERP manufacturing and distribution Software as a Service, saving your company a fortune in traditional IT costs – call 0333 123 1400 for more information.

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