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Elucid - EPoS for In-Store retail

What is the EPoS system? Elucid EPoS software allows multi-channel retailers to extend the reach of their marketing, CRM and back office systems to the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) in their retail stores. Immediate access to accurate customer and stock data enables retail staff to provide better service, drive further sales online and assist with inventory and stock management.

The Elucid EPoS system offers easy access to customer relationship data so you can:

  • View full customer details and history from any sales channel, at any EPoS point
  • Capture customer details directly into Elucid CRM via EPoS
  • Deliver customer service excellence at the checkout using the built-in tools to identify potential up-sell opportunities based on purchase history.

Elucid EPoS retail system allows you to:

  • Process sales quickly and easily
  • Process multi-channel customer returns according to the customer’s preference
  • Operate promotional activities across all of your retail channels including Gift and Loyalty card schemes
  • Offer a reserve and collect facility to online shoppers
  • Search product, price and stock levels quickly and efficiently from EPoS
  • Immediately see a company-wide view of future purchase orders for out of stock items and review back orders
  • Perform stock transfers, queries and group stock figures using a single point of contact for all channels
  • Gain real-time visibility of stock across all locations
  • Search website for additional products, with image and product details.

Epos retail systems drive online sales

Elucid EPoS sales management software avoids lost sales by providing in-store ordering. Customers can instantly buy from the full online range, either by staff ordering items or using self-service kiosks. Elucid multi-channel retail and EPoS software also supports:

  • Catalogues - customers can browse catalogues in-store, then order online
  • Customer email capture in-store - for future email marketing and promotions
  • Special events/services in-store
  • Offline advertising - making it easy for customers to find website details on advertisements.

Elucid EPoS for retail and associated sales management software goes far beyond traditional payment processing and stock management. Call Sanderson today on 0843 636 7687 to discover how the advanced functions of Elucid EPoS benefit your customer and your business.

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