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Elucid multi-channel retail

Elucid multi-channel retail software provides a single IT solution for multi-channel retailers that integrates store, web, mail order sales and back office fulfilment operations. Whether you sell through a single bricks-and-mortar store or engage with customers across multiple sales channels, Elucid has the functionality and power to help you generate business efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Elucid’s multi-channel sales approach allows your business to operate through any combination of online, in-store, mail order and wholesale sales channels, increasing visibility and control, and allowing you to gain a greater level of insight into your operations for improvement or exploitation. Whether you’re looking for a consolidated view of customers or striving to fulfil orders from multiple stock locations and reduce delivery timescales, Elucid helps you to deliver a seamless customer experience.

There are more than 50 UK-based multi-channel retailers relying on the power of Elucid to manage key operational areas, including:

Elucid from Sanderson already helps 50+ multi-channel sales retailers manage their operations more efficiently. Why not call us today on 0843 636 7561 to discuss how you could achieve similar results in your own multi sales channel efforts.

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