Sanderson launches new app for wholesalers and JW Filshill customers love it!

Posted by Rita Patel on Tue, Aug 08, 2017

4 mobiles.jpgSanderson is excited to announce the launch of its new mobile customer app designed in response to the rapidly evolving wholesale sector.

For use by wholesalers’ customers, the new wholesale app targets the ‘always-on-the-go’, next-generation technology user. Designed to increase sales with 24/7 ordering, it provides ultra-convenience for retail and foodservice customers whilst sharpening the wholesaler’s competitive edge.

To add further to the excitement, Sanderson is delighted to hear that one of its most progressive customers, JW Filshill, has successfully launched the app at their own customer trade show. The multi award-winning wholesaler, with over 1600 retail, cash & carry and delivered goods customers, said that their customers were amazed at the app’s simplicity which resulted in rapid take-up and more than 150 downloads of the app on the first day of the show alone.

The Sanderson app makes life much easier for wholesalers’ customers with time-saving features such as instant barcode scanning for convenient ordering on-site; user managed favourites; and instant notification of current promotions. The customer also benefits from online order management giving visibility of orders and delivery tracking, plus account management for payment notifications. Furthermore, using the app, customers are able to search the wholesalers’ full product range, place orders, view all their account history, and much, much more.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app is fully integrated with the Sanderson wholesale software, Swords, and its fully responsive online ordering system.

Fehad Shehzad, IT Manager, JW Filshill comments.

“At Filshill we are committed to providing our customers with an excellent service and the app is helping us to strengthen this. Our customers are impressed with how intuitive the app is and now use it to trade with us. It saves time for our customers and provides us with another channel to communicate with them. The app is becoming invaluable already and is proving to be a powerful sales tool.” 


About Sanderson

Sanderson is one of the UK’s leading technology providers, supplying end-to-end multi-channel retail and wholesale solutions. Sanderson Group has over 350 customers of all sizes, using its proven solutions for wholesale operations, retail, mail order and ecommerce.

About Swords

Swords, from Sanderson, is a comprehensive wholesale industry-specific IT solution for delivered wholesale and cash & carry businesses. Swords integrates all areas of the supply chain, balancing the demands of sales, purchasing, stock and cash flow. Sophisticated business intelligence facilities provide powerful management information to aid business decisions, improve efficiency, reduce costs and raise customer service levels.


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