Sanderson wins major contract with European Food Brokers

Posted by Kate Simpson on Wed, Sep 08, 2010
 Sanderson wins major contract with European Food Brokers

Sanderson, the publicly owned UK provider of software solutions to the Delivered Wholesale and Cash & Carry industries, has won a contract to supply European Food Brokers with its Swords wholesale solution, including the supply of all hardware and consultancy for its Cash & Carry and Delivered Wholesale business.

European Food Brokers is a Cash & Carry and Delivered Wholesaler of Beers, Wines & Spirits, Confectionery and Soft Drinks. Headquartered in Walsall, with major operations in Gateshead and Birmingham, and also its John Stephenson branch in Nelson, the company had outgrown its incumbent system and required a fully integrated and robust IT system to support its next phase of growth.

The latest Sanderson Radio Frequency technology will be utilised in the warehouse to deliver significant increases in efficiency. Handling order picking, stocktaking, stock replenishment and goods inwards, this technology dramatically streamlines warehouse operations and eliminates manual errors. As a result, Swords provides staff with instant access to real-time stock level management and inventory data. Staff at European Food Brokers can also use the Radio Frequency technology for shelf edge label checking and product enquiries, making warehouse operations significantly more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective.

In addition, European Food Brokers are taking advantage of the Sanderson Business Intelligence system – giving them accurate, up-to-date information at the click of a button. This intuitive system ensures a greater understanding of European Food Brokers’ customers’ buying habits by identifying sales trends. Important sales data from the Swords system is interpreted through charts, or by using the dashboard and traffic light system which highlights changes to customers’ buying habits and low performing product ranges. This function also assists the company when it comes to stock forecasting and buying.

European Food Brokers has also opted for the Web Trading facility from Sanderson, incorporating the latest web and e-commerce functionality. Copies of existing invoices and statements can be downloaded at the click of a button. Now that the company can take orders across all wholesale channels, customer relationships and sales will improve considerably. The Web Trading system is fully integrated with the Swords system so no re-keying of data is required. Product and price updates are automated and the content management system enables the company to have control over the website layout and content at all times.

European Food Brokers were keen to take advantage of the Retail Interface module, which enables fast communication to retail outlets by quickly and efficiently integrating Swords to their retail EPoS systems. Once a product price is set up in Swords, it automatically updates the retail systems so users do not have to input information twice. This ensures consistency across all sales channels and significantly reduces potential for error, as well as saving administration time.

Jackie Taylor, Sales Director for Wholesale Distribution solutions at Sanderson commented:

“Introducing Radio Frequency into European Food Brokers’ operations accelerates momentum and efficiency in the warehouse. Accessing data in real-time is a major benefit for their business, providing instant visibility of stock levels. Our Retail Interface software, another key time-saver, is perfect for this thriving company. Literally hours of administration time are taken away and the business can concentrate on reaping the rewards of the orders coming through its new sales channel, via the Web trading module.”

European Food Brokers Managing Director Tinder Chatha added:

“I am looking forward to seeing all elements of the system working together. With this new Swords system I will benefit from internal efficiencies, as well as increased sales potential. With Business Intelligence to interrogate our sales data, a dramatically proficient and streamlined culture is introduced into the company. I eagerly await our first order via the web. It’s another customer friendly sales channel and I’m confident that our customers will appreciate this facility which enhances their buying experience.”

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About European Food Brokers

European Food Brokers is a Walsall based supplier to the food and drink industry. It has 3 sites – a head office in Walsall, a branch in Gateshead and a new Cash & Carry in Birmingham. John Stephenson is a wholesale distributor of wines, beers and spirits to the independent trade across the North West.

About Swords

Swords, from Sanderson, is a comprehensive software solution for delivered wholesale and cash & carry businesses. Swords integrates all areas of the supply chain, balancing the demands of sales, purchasing, stock and cash flow. Sophisticated business intelligence facilities provide powerful management information to aid business decisions, improve efficiency, reduce costs and raise customer service levels.


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About: European Food Brokers

Business: Supplier to the food and drink industry

Challenge: The company had outgrown its incumbent system and required a fully integrated and robust IT system to support its next phase of growth

Solution: Swords

Benefits: Benefit from internal efficiencies, as well as increased sales potential