Temple Wines flourishes with Sanderson wholesale solution

Posted by Rita Patel on Wed, Apr 03, 2013
Temple Wines

Sanderson, the publicly owned UK provider of software solutions to the Delivered Wholesale and Cash & Carry industries, has implemented its wholesale IT system at specialist drink wholesaler Temple Wines to integrate all operations and support their increasing product ranges.

London based Temple Wines is an established cash & carry supplying specialist wines, beers and spirits. The company has recently experienced significant growth and required a single integrated IT solution to boost business efficiencies. The Sanderson wholesale IT system, Swords, stood out in the marketplace as the best choice for Temple Wines.

The solution integrates all areas of the company’s supply chain, providing visibility of information across the business and monitors the performance of key operational areas. Instantly available stock information enables Temple Wines to make effective replenishment decisions, protecting essential cash flow. The system further benefits the company by replacing time consuming manual processes with an automated system. With fast sales order processing and real-time stock information, Temple Wines delivers a high quality service to their valuable customers.

Sanderson is a preferred supplier to the Today’s Group, of which Temple Wines is a member, so they also benefit from group buying power and improved industry links.

Mr Vimal Kataria, Operations Manager of Temple Wines comments:

"We were confident we made the right choice with Sanderson. We learned of the efficiencies other members gained with Sanderson which reinforced our decision further. The Sanderson solution is central to our operations and we’re already seeing the benefits with better stock visibility and real-time business information."

Jackie Taylor, Sales Director for Wholesale Distribution solutions at Sanderson adds:

"We are delighted that Temple Wines has selected the Sanderson wholesale solution to support their growth and as the Swords system is modular - Temple Wines can extend functionality as and when required. The solution delivers real business benefits by reducing manual working processes and access to real-time data is a major advantage for their business."

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Temple Wines

Established in 1977, Temple Wines grew from a single off-licence to a busy cash & carry, serving London and surrounding areas.

About Sanderson

Sanderson is one of the UK’s leading technology providers, supplying end-to-end multi-channel retail and wholesale solutions. Sanderson Group has over 200 customers of all sizes, using its proven solutions for wholesale operations, stores, mail order and ecommerce.

About Swords

Swords, from Sanderson, is a comprehensive software solution for delivered wholesale and cash & carry businesses. Swords integrates all areas of the supply chain, balancing the demands of sales, purchasing, stock and cash flow. Sophisticated business intelligence facilities provide powerful management information to aid business decisions, improve efficiency, reduce costs and raise customer service levels.


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About: Temple Wines

Business: Temple Wines grew from a single off-licence to a busy cash & carry, serving London and surrounding areas.

Solution:  Swords wholesale IT system

Benefits: Increased business efficiency, real-time information, automated processes.