More Landmark members sign-up for Sanderson wholesale solution

Posted by Rita Patel on Thu, Sep 13, 2018


Sanderson has gained more new customers for its specialist wholesale software and digital solutions. The latest customers include three members of Landmark Wholesale, which is one of the largest wholesale buying groups in the UK, with a turnover of nearly £3bn. 

The Sanderson wholesale solutions have been chosen to automate and streamline operations, increase information accuracy and support these growing businesses. The new customers vary in size and are from food & drink and catering sectors.

The new food & drink wholesale customer is already reaping the benefits of its Sanderson solution which has increased control of warehouse operations and improved access to information across the business. The wholesaler carries a range of alcoholic and tobacco products which are managed by the Sanderson Bonded Warehousing system in accordance with HMRC regulations. The software automates the management of duties and inventory, giving complete traceability of bonded stock, and delivering a huge time saving.

The new catering customer has invested in Radio Frequency (RF) technology and digital solutions to increase control of its growing business and to provide excellent customer service. RF technology has been selected to increase accuracy in its warehouse operations. The latest digital solutions; web ordering software and mobile CRM will be implemented to increase sales and improve customer service when staff are out on the road.

The new cash & carry customer has selected the Sanderson solution, Swords, to increase control and visibility of operations and to take its business to the next level. The Radio Frequency system will accurately monitor stock and provide real-time stock information across the entire business. The company is looking forward to increasing efficiencies and supporting its ambitious growth plans with the scalable Sanderson solution.

These new customer contracts highlight that companies are investing in software solutions to strengthen operations, drive their businesses forward and help deliver outstanding service to their customers.

The Sanderson solution is ideal for companies looking for a single system to provide complete visibility of financial and operational performance, with key performance indicators to assist with decision-making.


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