More wholesalers unlock the potential in their data with Business Intelligence

Posted by Rita Patel on Thu, Oct 24, 2019

This year Sanderson is seeing more and more wholesalers realising the importance of their business data and how it can be used to support decision making and prove invaluable during negotiations.

Sanderson has received more orders for the Business Intelligence (BI) solution which delivers powerful analytics and reports 24/7. The BI software enables wholesalers to analyse on-demand critical data such as sales, purchasing, stock and cash. Dashboards presenting key financial information deliver a real-time overview of current performance allowing wholesalers to drill down into the detail.

See how our wholesale customers are benefitting from the Sanderson Business Intelligence solution:

“Sanderson Business Intelligence has helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business with real-time reporting and tracking of KPIs. We’re now able to create tailored, dynamic dashboards that enable users to see at a glance how they, their customers or departments are performing.

As the BI solution is cloud-based, it has made a huge difference allowing our users to access their reports and dashboards from anywhere and on any device.” 

Fehad Shehzad, IT Manager, J.W. Filshill


“Sanderson Business Intelligence was introduced into our foodservice & retail business earlier this year and has been a fantastic addition to our Sanderson data analytics suite. We now have real-time information at our fingertips such as missed or lost sales, goods-in discrepancies and it also helps us to identify new opportunities. The system is easy to use so we encourage staff to tailor reports to suit each customer.

Overall we are extremely happy with the Sanderson Business Intelligence solution.”

Janna Horsthuis, Managing Director, Robinson’s


“The Sanderson Business Intelligence dashboards are now helping us manage our KPIs in all departments more efficiently and effectively 24/7. 

It’s such a useful tool for us, helping us make faster, measured commercial decisions using real-time information. It’s a vital tool within our business ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional best in-trade service and value to our customers.”  

Alan Dorman, Trading Manager, Savage & Whitten


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