4 ERP Limitations that Damage Food and Drink Producers

Posted by Mark Ellis on Mon, Jan 15, 2018

Avoid these common pitfalls for food and drink manufacturers investing in ERP software

When selecting ERP systems, food producers are faced with a fork in the road – do they choose one of the popular general business ERP systems, such as SAP, or do they opt for food & drink manufacturing software solutions that are designed specifically for the their industry.

Which delivers more business value?

The stakes are high. Those food and drink producers that do select the right ERP system will be able to manage the the intricacies of their operations more efficiently, and develop innovative new products with enterprise-wide support and coordination. This couldn’t be more important at a time when the prevailing winds are proving favourable to the food business, with 81% of firms expecting revenue growth of up to 20% this year.

Choose the wrong ERP system, though, and its limitations could do serious damage to your food business, wiping out your growth and product development opportunities at a stroke.

When deciding how to invest in ERP software to manage your food & drink manufacturing business, it’s crucial to consider the most important selection criteria.

While there are plenty of ERP solutions on the market that claim to work for food manufacturers, how often do many leave gaps to be filled? Food producers need visibility and control in all areas of their business, and the only safe and effective way to achieve that is with a specialist food ERP system that covers all operations.

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