What Successful Manufacturing Leaders Do from 8am-8pm

Posted by Paul Hughson on Thu, Jan 26, 2017

Success in manufacturing leadership may seem to come down to certain personality traits or instincts, but in reality these leaders are successful because they are always striving to improve upon their processes. Discover more about the daily habits of successful manufacturing leaders below.


Every successful manufacturing company needs a leader, and someone whose decisions and values make them a cut-above-the-rest. It is what these leaders do, from 8am to 8pm every day that makes the difference. After all as Eric Kimberling's analysis of 'leadership lessons' says: “The differing results of manufacturers are due to unique leadership traits of their executive teams.”

However the Global Leadership Forecast 2014/15 found that 63% of participants reported their leaders to be less than high quality or not ready for current or future challenges.

Those manufacturing leaders who are outside of that 63% have some common characteristics and always ensure that their companies:

  • Develop quality products
  • Emphasise buyer relationships
  • Optimise efficiency
  • Focus on service

The infographic highlights some considerations successful manufacturing leaders take on board to ensure these key areas are met on a daily basis.

Check your mobile:

First thing in the morning successful manufacturing leaders check their mobile to review the latest key performance indicators and business reports delivered straight from their ERP system to their device.

This gives them the chance to focus on how to make their business more efficient while still on the train or having breakfast. Already these leaders stand out from the two-thirds that make crucial decisions without the right information.

Always think automate:

Successful manufacturing leaders are always looking at what can be automated. After all, according to the Annual Manufacturing Report 2015 75% of respondents have implemented some form of automation in the past five years.

Strive to drive down delivery times:

Successful manufacturers know that the key to increased productivity lies in focusing on reducing delivery times as reduced delivery time equals contented clients and improved efficiency.

With over 20% of manufacturers thinking of, or having, implemented software to improve their delivery times in 2014 your business can't afford to get left behind.

Ever expanding production options:

Another key to success often lies in profitably managing and expanding product options, aided by the product configurator capabilities of a modern ERP system.

This enables companies to improve the efficiency of their order management, manufacturing process and other key areas. In short, it enables your business to efficiently expand your offerings, without giving your admin team a headache.

Successful manufacturing leaders are always questioning how they can expand their production options, without compromising profit or deliverability.


  • Always think expansion (through optimisation)
  • Accurate reporting can be on mobile devices
  • Think automated - think efficient

Read more about how ERP software can help you become a successful manufacturing leader and improve your business by downloading our free eGuide: ERP Software - what is it and what does it mean to you?: A guide for manufacturers

ERP Software - what is it and what does it mean to you?: A guide for manufacturers

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