Factories of the Future - and What They Mean for Your Business

Posted by Mark Ellis on Tue, Jan 17, 2017

Uncover if the much talked about ‘Industry 4.0’ really does have the potential to revolutionise your manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing is constantly changing, adopting new processes and technologies to maximise efficiencies and increase productivity. Now, this drive for improvement is taking manufacturing across new frontiers, into the world of Industry 4.0. This is more than a mere buzzword though, Industry 4.0 is already starting to take shape as robots grow ever more intelligent and interconnected, 3D printing gets closer to realising its potential and the depth of detail in analytics continues to expand.

This infographic takes a look at these, and other manufacturing trends of the near future and the business benefits they might bring when they reach SMEs.  



Industry 4.0 is here. SMEs must be open to embracing the benefits it can offer to improve on their production capabilities, improve productivity/performance and add value to their existing lines. Whether this is achieved through the increased use of robotics, embracing adaptive manufacturing techniques or through digitisation in order to increase the visibility of your production lines, the bottom line is that SME owners and operations executives can join the 38% of those ‘gathering information’ about designing the factory of the future.


  • Be ready to consider robotics to optimise your manufacturing output.
  • Embrace adaptive manufacturing techniques to increase output and decrease costs.
  • Unlock your potential with increased visibility of your production lines via digitisation.

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