How Productive Are Your Manufacturing Competitors?

Posted by Mark Ellis on Mon, Jan 08, 2018

In these uncertain times, some manufacturers are clutching their purse strings tightly – but others are investing in business-wide automation, and boosting their manufacturing productivity levels as a result.

‘Turbulent’ doesn’t cover just how tough it has been for the UK in recent years, whether it’s the fallout from the financial crash or the vagaries of Brexit negotiations.

But UK manufacturing has another problem, one that is much more longstanding. After all, the typical UK worker is nearly a fifth less productive than the G7 average. And yet many manufacturers continue to ignore the issue, with only 28% regarding productivity as something they need to worry about.

If that sounds like you, then it could spell disaster for your operations in the long term. Even if wholesale renovation of plant and machinery isn’t feasible, for whatever reason, something you can do is to introduce a manufacturing ERP system for task and process automation. This overhaul of processes will help plug the productivity gap by addressing operational efficiency in every area of your business, from the factory floor to the finance office.

As this infographic reveals, this could well be your smartest move in these tumultuous times:

78% who choose to ignore manufacturing productivity issues risk being left behind by their competitors. And as the UK navigates its way through the Brexit process, there is a risk that those who resist change will be left on the sidelines once we finally do leave the EU, their operations unfit for such a new, unfamiliar landscape.

The question is – are you willing to move forward and embrace technology and advanced ERP software systems to secure your company’s position in the marketplace?

Or are you happy to be left behind?

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