New Product Development in Food and Drink ‒ A British Industry Success Story

Posted by Mark Ellis on Mon, Apr 09, 2018

Discover how food industry challenges and regulatory shifts are driving successful innovations in food product development

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The countdown to the ‘Sugar Tax’ has begun. From April 2018, manufacturers that produce beverages with more than 5mg of sugar per 100ml will pay a levy. Already, consumers are changing their attitude to sugar. The Department for Food, Environmental and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reported that low-calorie drink sales increased by more than a third last year.

Despite these significant changes to the market, UK food and drink producers are adopting a ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach. After all, this is an industry used to regulatory change and adapting to consumer preferences. It understands the importance of responding quickly to new social trends. In this SlideShare, we highlight some of those producers who are successfully innovating in food product development to meet the challenge of changing tastes.

The UK’s food and drink industry is facing change on all fronts: the sugar tax, campaigns for healthier food, consumer tastes, rising material costs and, of course, Brexit. However, these examples show how manufacturers are responding positively and adapting to turn challenges into opportunities.

The alternative approach of Tunnock’s

Food product development isn’t the only answer. Tunnock’s has a much-loved confectionery range that hasn’t outwardly changed much in 60 years. Instead, Tunnock’s innovates by investing in Sanderson food manufacturing software that make operations as efficient as possible, and enable the business to export its iconic Scottish treats to markets all over the world.

BDO’s Food and Drink Report 2017 found that most food and drink manufacturers are planning to invest in both product development and production technologies in the next year. Despite the challenges, the industry remains resilient, upbeat and ambitious for growth.

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