Richer Sounds tunes into its customers with Sanderson multi-channel retail technology

Posted by Sarah Taylor on Sat, Nov 30, 2019

Richer Sounds is a customer experience leader; not just in the consumer electronics sector, but in retail as a whole. So, when the award-winning retailer decided to future-proof its customer service capabilities by investing in new multi-channel retail technology, we were delighted that Richer Sounds selected the Sanderson Elucid solution.

Recently, we spoke with the company’s CEO, Julie Abraham, about our work with Richer Sounds. Before you read the full case study, here’s a quick introduction…

Stepping up to an ambitious challenge

To offer outstanding service, every interaction must be driven by the customer’s needs – and this isn’t possible when retailers are limited by legacy technology. 

After using the same platform to run its stores, back-office and website for over 10 years, Richer Sounds came to Sanderson with an ambitious brief: to go live with a new multi-channel retail system within 12 months. 

"We needed to implement a new end-to-end solution that could future-proof our business across all channels,” explained CEO, Julie Abraham

Every element of Richer Sounds’ in-store operation – from point of sale and stock management to purchasing, reordering, click & collect and customer service – had to be managed seamlessly through one platform, which could be rolled out across the retailer’s 54 stores and offices, and also integrate with Richer Sounds’ ecommerce platform. 

The Sanderson Elucid system was the perfect fit for these criteria. 

Putting People First

Richer Sounds is different to many retailers, in that its customer service strategy starts with empowering colleagues to provide the best possible experience – as we discovered in our recent 5* customer service guide.

“Our colleagues can carry out every transaction through a single system, which is vital in delivering a seamless in-store experience," Julie remarked

Elucid technology gives the Richer Sounds team all the data and functionality they need to tailor customer interactions, no matter how detailed or complex it may be. For example, aftercare is a major element of the Richer Sounds retail experience, and Elucid provides full traceability of the entire service and repair journey.  


A single view of stock

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the proof of the purchasing is in stock availability; and Richer Sounds needed a software solution that would provide complete stock visibility in all locations. 

“We wanted to feel confident that we had an accurate view of stock in all channels at any point in time; and could locate the right product for the customer based on this insight,” Julie advised.

Other retailers may prioritise online sales, but Richer Sounds aims to drive customers into the store, so they can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of its colleagues. To enhance this model, Richer Sounds set up the Elucid platform to prioritise store orders, so that nobody is left empty handed at the shelf edge. 

That being said, online integration is also critically important to the consumer electronics retailer, and our system works with Richer Sounds’ ecommerce platform to deliver a single, accurate view of stock across all channels – including its fast-growing Amazon marketplace channel. 

This ability to provide standalone functionality while also integrating with existing systems was one of the reasons that Richer Sounds chose the Sanderson Elucid solution in the first place. 

“The good thing about Elucid is that it offers end-to-end functionality in its own right, whilst integrating with other technology platforms,” Julie noted.“This gives us the flexibility to run our business back-office the way we want, without having to manage technical complexities or create work-arounds.”

Award-winning Innovation 

The Richer Sounds ethos is that its customers buy for life, and so every single interaction needs to hit the mark. Investing in the Sanderson multi-channel system has enabled Richer Sounds to continue its core values of cared-for colleagues and outstanding customer service – while future-proofing its operational model and technology infrastructure. 

And considering Richer Sounds was named Which? Retailer of the Year in 2019 for the fifth year running, the Elucid platform is clearly empowering them to keep delivering what the customer wants. 

Read the full Richer Sounds case study to see how Sanderson technology is future-proofing its business.

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