The EPOS evolution: how Sanderson is enabling store profitability

Posted by Sarah Taylor on Tue, Dec 17, 2019

Read the scaremongering headlines about the death of the High Street, and you’d be forgiven for believing that all hope is lost. But beyond the brands falling out of favour are a brave band of retailers flying in the face of the media. 

These organisations are investing in their physical channels and watching their bricks-and-mortar footprint grow, at a time where others are shutting stores to focus entirely on the digital side of their business. And one of the key differentiators between retailers that are fighting back versus throwing in the towel is the way they are using Point of Sale (POS) technology.


The store is doing more…and more…and more…

Go back a few years and the job of the POS terminal was simple: process transactions and take payments. There might have been the odd discount calculation beyond this, but on the whole, so long as it was robust enough to stand up to daily use, store life was simple. Not anymore!

Today, retailers are embracing true multi-channel driven EPOS systems to deliver sophisticated insights and functionality to the store teams. 

Store teams need to be capable of managing broad-ranging tasks – from accepting a wide variety of payment methods, to processing click & collect orders and returns from all channels. They need to personalise customer service, check stock availability, order out-of-stock items, provide detailed product information, and move flexibly around the customer; all within the space of a day.

Not all POS platforms can provide this rich functionality, and even fewer offer it with a great user experience. There needs to be seamless integration between the store, the retailer’s ecommerce platform and back-office operations, so that everyone is working from a single view of stock, and a single view of the customer.

Making POS technology the centre of a multi-channel universe

In a climate where store interactions must be contextualised, many of the retailers that are investing in bricks-and-mortar are choosing the Sanderson EPOS and mobile POS system. 

Why is our technology gaining so much traction? 

Firstly, it’s a hosted solution, which means users can draw on data from anywhere in the business – and capture critical customer data and contact preferences, to innovate customer service. Store colleagues can quickly and easily identify customers, to offer a more personalised customer experience.

Secondly, our platform has been designed for multi-channel retailers from the outset, supporting ecommerce strategies alongside bricks-and-mortar activity. Because our EPOS software is part of a multi-channel solution, we’re able to generate a single view of the customer. This gives retailers powerful insights for tailoring services and increasing customer lifetime value. 

Building personalised customer experiences

Seamless, powerful, connected and scalable, our POS technology is enabling ambitious retailers to achieve excellence in each of their respective verticals, and it’s all down to our holistic approach to in-store interactions. 

Data capture capabilities is one of the reasons fashion retailer Joe Browns selected the Sanderson hosted EPOS platform for its store network. Having made its name in mail order and then ecommerce, Joe Browns is now entering the physical space, using Sanderson technology for its Meadowhall store and recently opened second store at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in York.

On a larger scale, Richer Sounds is using the Sanderson platform across its 53 stores, giving colleagues full system access in-store, so they can fulfil any request as quickly and informatively as possible. The Sanderson system is the centre of its store infrastructure, empowering colleagues with a full history of customer activity, and the complete functionality required to attend to every customer’s need.

A platform for growth

The Sanderson POS software is one part of a wider multi-channel retail solution, which supports the brand-building process while helping customer-facing teams to access a greater depth of information and wider range of services than ever before.

It’s no longer good enough to have a POS system that works as a standalone piece of technology; the point of sale needs to integrate with every channel to deliver a relevant and exceptional customer experience. 

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