How you can increase sales with intelligent IT solutions for wholesalers

Posted by Jackie Taylor on Wed, Jan 02, 2019

Increasing your sales means having a great relationship with your customers and fulfilling their every need. Find out why the system you use matters.


Technology we use as consumers is driving disruption in the wholesale and cash and carry industry. These changes can be intimidating. Wholesalers can face difficulties maintaining old IT systems and struggle to keep up with the competition, but there are also significant opportunities to be had by embracing the latest developments. These benefits include streamlining your operations and increasing sales.

The businesses that are most likely to flourish will have an integrated, effective IT system that helps them operate smoothly and deliver a great customer experience. There are digital solutions to address many of the separate aspects of wholesale and boost sales performance, but a single, joined-up system, designed for the industry is likely to produce the best results.


Online sales are increasing rapidly, rising £8 billion in a single year, to total £511 billion. Wholesale was one of the strongest performing sectors for ecommerce.

While some of the pioneers in this area are giant companies and household names, wholesalers of all sizes can hone and perfect their online operations. With the proliferation of mobile phones and tablets, customers want to access services across multiple devices while enjoying a seamless experience.

Developments in mobile and cloud computing allow companies to increase sales in new and exciting ways, with technology that is fully integrated with the rest of their IT system. An industry-specific solution can combine customer apps — to offer convenience for customers — with the latest web-ordering, sophisticated delivery systems and mobile customer relationship management (CRM) software.


As new developments in technology make the experience even more convenient for customers, ordering online has become an increasingly enticing option and innovations are also changing the way that that business is conducted. More customers place orders through mobile apps and they expect click and collect options, for example.

A single, integrated software solution will join up all the parts of your business, from ordering to stock management to sales to despatch, speeding up the process of getting products out of your warehouse. With tools to plan your delivery schedule, it’s easier to offer flexible, cost-effective delivery or organise a ‘click and collect’ service, eliminating costly delivery errors and improve customer service.

If your operation has an Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system, staff can check orders at the customer’s premises, deal with returns and rectify any errors.

Where face to face sales still take place, a modern system can make payments quick and easy. Touch-screen technology at the point of purchase allows rapid access to account information and order history, so that the process is as slick and quick as possible.


With innovative technology and automation, wholesalers can fulfill orders much more quickly, while eliminating time-consuming manual processes. The sales process can be automated, so that there is less room for human error and customers receive a faster, more convenient service with greater accuracy. 

With such keen competition in the industry, wholesalers are looking for technology that will give them an edge and keep them ahead of their rivals. An integrated system will provide a single, harmonised view of the customer so that their requirements are met and all the necessary information is found in one place

With this IT infrastructure in place, it’s possible to look at technologies that meet changing customer demands. Mobile CRM, for example, equips your sales representatives with real-time information, so that they can work more knowledgeably and efficiently when they’re visiting customers.

With the best CRM software, you have 24 hour access to data, like product information, stock levels and account details. This type of system helps your staff answer questions on the spot and deliver next-level customer service.


Many companies will be aware that outdated systems may be holding their business back. Older IT systems featuring spreadsheets, or that require manual inputs, can be a major impediment to success, but implementing change can seem daunting too.

The key is getting the right platform in place and having a helpful, reliable, knowledgeable partner to help make sure that the technology is implemented smoothly. With a single, integrated system, your business will be able to work better, work smarter and add new sales, right from the off.

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