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Discover how Elucid helped Beaverbrooks The Jewellers more than halve delivery times, double revenue, reduce labour costs and greatly improve efficiency.

Elucid Case Study – Beaverbrooks The Jewellers


When jewellery retailer Beaverbrooks went in search of a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system, it found the answer in Elucid, but the multi-channel software solution from Sanderson is delivering much more.

The business brief:

Beaverbrooks is an established jewellery business that prides itself on combining quality products with supreme service to deliver an outstanding customer experience. With a turnover of £80 million, 800 employees deliver sparkling service from 64 UK retail stores, from Aberdeen down to Exeter. To continue business expansion and to respond to increased demand, Beaverbrooks required a more sophisticated CRM system to maximise use of CRM data and a new web fulfilment system to reduce delivery timescales. The company were delighted to discover that the Elucid multi-channel retail solution met their requirements.


“Sanderson really understands our business and their people work hard to make sure we get the most from Elucid.”


Our strategy:

Two years ago, soon after launching its customer loyalty programme, the Beaverbrooks Club, the company realised its in-house developed customer database was far from ideal. Head of IT Patrick Walker explains: “We knew we needed a much more sophisticated CRM capability if we were to make the most of the data we were collecting. At the same time, we were also struggling to cope with our web fulfilment system, so we were delighted to discover that Sanderson and its Elucid system could solve both these problems in one go.”

Not only was the functionality a good fit, but the company was, too: “We could sense immediately that the Elucid team and wider Sanderson organisation was a business that mirrored our own values,” recalls Walker.

Beaverbrooks’ web fulfilment system became the priority implementation for Elucid, because Beaverbrooks’ existing system was failing to cope with increased demand. “We were struggling more and more and, in the lead up to Christmas, the web fulfilment system was failing frequently so we decided to bite the bullet and go live with the Elucid fulfilment solution, even though this was our busiest time,” says Walker.

Walker was confident of Elucid’s ability to integrate with Beaverbrooks’ other IT systems. “We’d spoken to other retailers who had implemented Elucid and we were impressed with the responses we received. Sanderson had integrated it successfully with many other solutions.” And so it proved: “We’ve never looked back: it worked really well from day one.”

Elucid made an immediate and positive difference to Beaverbrooks. “The system it replaced was manually intensive, so Elucid removed that element straight away. It improved delivery times which, in turn, helped to boost web sales,” Walker reports. “Web revenue has doubled; it now represents a significant percentage of the organisation’s turnover, and is still increasing.”

“We found it difficult to meet a seven-day delivery promise prior to Elucid,” he says, “but that’s now down to three days on most items. So we have more than halved delivery times, doubled revenue, reduced the labour cost of this function and greatly improved efficiency.”

Previously, all web orders had to be fulfilled from head office. Now, Elucid is providing accurate stock visibility thanks to integration with Beaverbrooks’ retail system. Each day, Elucid downloads stock data for all stores and produces a picking list based on that information, effectively using the retail stores as picking locations.

At the beginning of last year, the CRM project began in earnest, says Walker. “Sanderson helped us to migrate the data we held, plus they developed a direct link so that when a new Club customer is recruited at the point of sale, that data transfers automatically from the EPoS system straight into Elucid. The direct link means all subsequent transactions are fed into Elucid CRM, too.”

Experian QAS, a Sanderson partner, has helped by providing tools to clean and de-dupe contact information. Beaverbrooks can now accelerate development of the Club: “The Club was set up two years ago, but now we have so much more data at our fingertips, it’s really giving us the ability to target precisely. For example, instead of blanket emails, we can contact buyers of engagement rings with wedding ring offers. Elucid’s functionality is giving us a real edge and means we can profile customers accurately.”

The results:

There is still so much more to the system, Walker acknowledges. “The way Elucid is built means that you can grow with the system very easily, switching modules on as required.” Elucid’s retail management capability means that this, too, could be a future project: “The more Elucid is embedded in the business, the more likely that will be.”

For now, Walker says he is convinced Beaverbrooks picked the right partner in Sanderson: “The Elucid team at Sanderson are a great bunch of people. They are always willing to help and never say no – it’s a refreshing approach and quite different to many other IT companies I’ve worked with over the years.

“Sanderson really understands our business and their people work hard to make sure we get the most from Elucid, which is feature-rich and a really robust product.”

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