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  • Easylife

    “We have increased total order volumes by 251% in three years. Plus, the volume of website traffic has doubled and the number of online orders has grown by 228%.”

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Find out how Sanderson has helped Easylife increase revenue by 151%.

Priam case study – Easylife


While rapid growth is a good thing for retail businesses, it is not without its complexities. When Easylife – one of the UK’s largest catalogue retailers for more than 25 years – decided to develop its ecommerce capabilities, the company knew it needed significant support to secure its multi-channel future.

The Sanderson multi-channel system has been instrumental in enabling Easylife’s continued expansion over the past four years, rolling out new functionality to optimise every aspect of its retail organisation. Sanderson supports every aspect of the business including multi-channel order processing, ecommerce and call centre operations, and order fulfilment.

Since the implementation of the Priam multi-channel retail system, Easylife has experienced significant improvements and benefits across its business operations:

  • 251% increase in order volume
  • 151% increase in business revenue
  • 228% increase in online orders
  • Website visitors doubled over 3 years
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Faster order to dispatch times and same day dispatch capabilities
  • Increased order accuracy and improved delivery options
  • Integrated sales order processing across all sales channels
  • Clearer single view of operations with ‘single version of the truth’

You can download the full case study here.


"As a fast-growing business, we needed to invest in the technology that could enhance our online capabilities, and also other areas of the business that could potentially hold us back. We needed a technology partner that could collaborate with us and drive our company forward."


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