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    “The business had doubled in size almost overnight, so we knew we needed far better systems. We could see that the Sanderson solution had all the modules we needed and we were confident it could take us to the next level.”

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The Web Portal functions of Unity ERP have enabled staff at stainless steel processor Evenort to dedicate greater time to sales activities.

Unity ERP Case Study - Evenort


Stainless steel processor Evenort Ltd has improved customer service and cross-selling online using Unity ERP software and its Web Portal functions.

The business brief:

Evenort discovered customers only typically knew of the product areas they specifically purchased. Evenort decided a website would be an effective platform to help cross-sell its products, but only if there was an ‘added value’ service online which would encourage customers to visit the website frequently.

Our strategy:

Customers already valued Evenort’s ability to provide instant, up-to-date information about their orders which was provided via Unity ERP. Evenort chose to implement the Unity ERP Web Portal module to allow customers to view additional product and order information online.

Making these details available online encourages customers to visit the new website regularly and reduces the number of non-sales calls being taken by sales staff.

The Web Portal integrates directly into Evenort’s Unity ERP system and is accessed via Evenort’s website using a secure log-in.

Customers can now track their own orders and view dispatch lists, order history and proof of delivery, as well as requesting exact copies of test certificates, invoices and statements, which are automatically emailed from the Sanderson system. The administrative burden on Evenort staff is reduced considerably as a result.

The results:

Craig McKay, Director at Evenort comments: “The Web Portal further enhances the Evenort purchasing experience and, by encouraging frequent visits to our website, helps us to improve customer awareness of our product range. The Web Portal also reduces the volume of incoming calls to our sales staff, enabling them to dedicate greater time to sales activities.”


“The Web Portal further enhances the Evenort purchasing experience.”


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