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  • Hardy Brothers

    “We’ve streamlined processes within our business which have made us more productive and we have maximised operational efficiencies.”

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Discover how the wholesale distribution system Swords helped Hardy Brothers increase their turnover from £3m to £8m.

Case Study – Hardy Brothers


Hardy Brothers has successfully strengthened operations, supported business growth and improved customer service; all thanks to a partnership spanning two decades with Sanderson. Hardy Brothers is now benefiting from streamlined processes and increased turnover.

Thanks to the Sanderson wholesale distribution system, Swords, Hardy Brothers has:

  • Increased its turnover to £8 million from £3 million
  • Improved stock picking compliance to 96-97% as a result of real-time, stock location information
  • Achieved a 10% reduction in debtor days
  • Streamlined purchasing and sales processes
  • Proactively responded to a decline in sales, as identified by sales analysis capabilities
  • Generated cost efficiencies by making informed purchasing decisions

Hardy Brothers

“Since implementing Swords, we've improved visibility, strengthened relationships with our customers and suppliers, and seen consistent, substantial business growth.”

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