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  • JW Filshill

    “Our investment in voice order picking will lead to faster and more accurate order picking in the warehouse.”

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A 10 year partnership with Sanderson has transformed results at JW Filshill. A vehicle routing software integration alone saves the delivered wholesaler as much as £250,000 per year.

Case Study – JW Filshill


For award-winning delivered wholesaler JW Filshill, a longstanding partnership with IT solution provider Sanderson has become vital to the strategic direction of the business. It is a relationship that delivers substantial financial benefits. By implementing the Sanderson wholesale IT solution, Swords, the company has enjoyed benefits including:

  • Accurate stock readings and faster more accurate order picking in the warehouse, using the latest voice order picking solution
  • Increase in accuracy and reduction in handling damage – estimated at £10 per error – means the project will achieve ROI within 1 year
  • Efficient delivery routes using latest routing software, to save JW Filshill as much as £250,000 per year
  • The hourly pick target is set to rise to 180 per hour which is a 64% improvement


“The Sanderson system has reduced pick time dramatically - by as much as 30% for some products.”

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