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  • Kingstown Associates

    “Our sales are up, we have streamlined our operations, reduced costs and dramatically improved our ecommerce offering. And the launch of our eBay and Amazon marketplaces has delivered an extra £500k revenue during the first year.”

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Learn how Elucid has helped multi-brand retailer Kingstown achieve 29% growth.

Elucid case study – Kingstown Associates


Transforming a traditional mail order business into a full multi-channel retail operation has seen specialist multi-brand retailer Kingstown Associates deliver organic growth of 29% in just two years.

Sending a million parcels a year and up to 75,000 catalogues a week, the company has replaced multiple legacy systems, with a single multi-channel retail system from Sanderson.

Kingstown Associates recognised the need to invest in a multi-channel retail solution that would deliver improved operational efficiency and support their ambitious growth plans.

Following the implementation of the Elucid multi-channel retail system, Kingstown has experienced substantial business benefits:

  • Organic business growth of 29%
  • Doubled online sales in 12 months
  • Additional £500k revenue via eBay & Amazon
  • Single view of operations through integrated dashboards - ‘single version of the truth’
  • Improved customer service levels and profitability
  • Faster order to dispatch times and increased same day dispatched orders
  • Increased order accuracy and improved delivery options
  • Returns management times reduced by at least 50%
  • Integrated sales order processing across all sales channels
  • Better delivery through advanced postcode integration
  • Introduction of industry best practice via comprehensive BPA
  • Faster response to sales trends

You can download the full case study here.


“By integrating our delivery and returns process we have improved our overall customer service and experience. We now offer increased delivery options and have reduced the time it takes to deal with returns by at least 50%.”

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