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  • Regal Wholesale

    “Sword has provided the framework to facilitate growth that could not have otherwise been achieved.”

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Find out how the wholesale distribution system Swords helped Regal Wholesale reduce stock control errors by 90%, increasing profit margins.

Case Study – Regal Wholesale


Regal Wholesale has successfully expanded its product range, improved operational efficiency and ventured into international markets; all thanks to a partnership spanning more than a decade with Sanderson. Regal Wholesale is now thriving in the world of online ordering and enjoying 18% annual growth.

Thanks to the Sanderson wholesale distribution system, Swords, Regal Wholesale has:

  • Reduced unloading time from 3 hours to just 20 minutes
  • Halved order picking time with Zone Picking
  • Improved forecasting and targeted promotions to benefit customers and the business
  • Achieved a 10% increase in web sales inside 3 months
  • Strengthened national and international trading with 24/7 online ordering
  • Reduced costly stock control errors by 90%
  • Increased profit margins


“Visibility, efficiency, improved communication and an expanding online business presence have all helped open up new lines of opportunity.”

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