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  • Simply Thank You

    “Without the Priam system, we would not be able to operate today. It is absolutely central to our overall operations.”

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Video: See how Priam multi-channel software drives efficiencies across all operations, powering growth to £25m

Simply Thank You powers global corporate gifting network with Priam technology

Simply Thank You has grown into a £25 million turnover company, processing up to 1,000 orders a day through its expanding global warehouse network.

See how Priam multi-channel software enables Simply Thank You to drive efficiencies across its operation, at the same time as personalising client experiences and providing a scalable platform for growth.

Key improvements include:

  • Increased turnover – Simply Thank You has grown its annual turnover by £23 million between 2006-2019, with current annual turnover set to exceed £25 million.
  • Personalised customer service – each client can have their own, bespoke gifting site, launched by Simply Thank You in less than a week.
  • Complete operational efficiency – every element of the back-office set-up, from order to delivery, is now 100% optimised.
  • Enhanced stock accuracy – stock is counted daily to verify data and identify perishable goods that are about to go out of date, so they can be utilised first.
  • Rapid service – if a client places their order before 5:00pm, Simply Thank You is able to process and dispatch it by 8:00am the next day, anywhere in the UK.

“Sanderson understands our business needs and the demands placed on us, and helps us to deliver a fantastic service.”


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