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    “The business had doubled in size almost overnight, so we knew we needed far better systems. We could see that the Sanderson solution had all the modules we needed and we were confident it could take us to the next level.”

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Unity MIS helped the TALL Group, which provides security print to blue chip organisations, to improve the services it offers its customers.

Unity Print MIS Case Study - TALL Group


The TALL Group provides security print to major banks, international authorities and other blue chip organisations.

The business brief:

“Previously we had order input, invoicing and nothing much in between. Production managers used laborious and time-consuming spreadsheets, which were only valid for a particular department,” explains Founder Director Phil Long.

There were also issues with retrieving information in a timely manner, “People want answers there and then. Before, it could take time to find the precise status of a customer order.”

Our strategy:

Phil goes on, "From the outset, the Unity Print MIS software met 95% or more of our specification. We use it to manage everything from initial estimates, through to final despatch. The difference in our operation is immense.”

With Unity's shop floor data collection, any of the print managers can see the status of any job - and we have an accurate means of recording labour and materials costs.

“We can see immediately the effect of a change to any order schedule. Unity is planning and scheduling the workload continuously,” Phil continued.

The results:

“I have no doubt that Unity will save us money. The speed with which we can call off information is incredible,” concludes Phil. “Now, the data is there on Unity and we can respond immediately - which saves time and provides improved service for customers.

“Unity has undoubtedly helped us to become more responsive, more agile. I know there are even more benefits to be had from the Unity Print MIS software.

"Unity Print MIS is a system that is here to stay for the long-term and, as our processes develop still further, we will be able to raise our game even more in terms of service and efficiency."


“We can see immediately the effect of a change to any order schedule. Unity is planning and scheduling the workload continuously.”


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