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    “Our sales are up, we have streamlined our operations, reduced costs and dramatically improved our ecommerce offering. And the launch of our eBay and Amazon marketplaces has delivered an extra £500k revenue during the first year.”

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Discover how Elucid helped Topgrade Sportswear increase online revenues to over £20 million within two years.

Elucid Case Study – Topgrade Sportswear


Topgrade Sportswear increased its online revenues by 100% to over £20 million within two years using Elucid, the Sanderson multi-channel retail software.

Topgrade Sportswear, and its ecommerce brand Getthelabel.com, have achieved incredible online growth. The Sanderson multi-channel retail system has helped them to:

  • Increase pick rates by 50%
  • Reduce order processing times
  • Double sales volumes
  • Increase online revenues by 100% to over £20 million
  • Increase visibility, with real time information
  • Reduce international carrier costs by 40%

You can download the full case study here


“Whereas the previous system was struggling to cope with our volumes, we were able to double sales volumes with Elucid, with no performance issues whatsoever.”


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