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Meet the bakery & snack industries' specialist software for smarter ERP

Bakery Management ERP Software

Your fast-growing baked goods business has a problem: you need ERP software that also integrates for you control of forecasting to expiry dates, costing to cooling times. You’ve found it here with UnityF8, the system of choice for top UK bakery and snack enterprises.

Customers include Peter's Food Service, Memory Lane Cakes, Nairn's and Tunnock's. Whether you make cakes or crisps, pies or puddings, day goods or desserts, sandwiches or sausage rolls, bread or biscuits, UnityF8 is a trusted choice:

Minimises waste of short shelf-life products

Reduce the wastage caused by expiry dates with improved forecasting and planning accuracy

Ensures traceability from NPD to production to delivery

Control quality from one system that spans New Product Development (NPD) to procurement to material life management, mixing to labelling to delivery

Improves scheduling for baking and cooling

Optimise your scheduling with consideration of the required tins, trays and cooling times

Boosts profitability by revealing true costs

Accurately identify yields, waste and labour costs thanks to integrated factory floor data capture and reporting tools

Grow your baked goods sales without IT barriers

If you’re at the limits of in-house systems, UnityF8 optimises your entire production process from supply chain to deliveries, within one integrated system. You achieve unparalleled traceability, efficiencies and cost savings at the deepest levels of your business. Whether in the fresh, chilled and frozen markets, Sanderson gives you the agility that the bakery and snacks sectors demand.

  • Provides technical controls which manage your NPD, recipes and material specifications, etc.
  • Streamlines bakery production with controls for factory floor data capture and inventory
  • Drives sales by enhancing your forecasting, sales order processing and customer service
  • Controls your cash including your debts, risks, rebates and multi-company operations
  • Enhances management decision making with accurate key performance indicators, alerts and reports

Learn the capabilities of UnityF8 baked goods ERP software:

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