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Scale up your ingredients business with the sector's specialist ERP software

Ingredients & Flavourings Manufacturing Software

To help your ingredients manufacturing business expand, you need to replace the disconnected multiple systems and spreadsheets that slow you down. Streamline your operations with UnityF8, the ingredient manufacturing ERP software which integrates your new product development, factory floor, supply chain and financial control.

Our record includes helping firms such as Newly Wed Foods and Freddy Hirsch to manufacture premium batters, breadings, coatings, spices and seasonings.

Integrates NPD and recipe management with production

Ensure your recipes pass seamlessly from NPD to production to delivery without error, with fully integrated control of your factory and supply chain

Ensures safe, correctly labelled and controlled products

Automatically generate labels that accurately match the finished product, thanks to UnityF8’s full monitoring of production which retains instant two-traceability at all times

Captures material issues, usage, yields, waste and all costs

Control your weigh scales, silos, mixers and vessels to eliminate errors in ingredient weighing and retain full traceability

Reduces downtime and supports 24/7 operations

Enhance your planning and capacity utilisation to achieve the best output and customer service using UnityF8’s inbuilt scheduling tools

Scale up your production without bottlenecks

Easily optimise your production from formulations and forecasting, to accurate weighing and mixing, with the UnityF8 ingredient software solution. Using our 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, this software delivers all the tools you need to support a fast growing ingredients business.

  • Forecasts demand and accounts for seasonal trends and forecasts based on the performance of similar products
  • Accurately records yields, waste and costs through factory floor data capture, including weigh scale integration, touchscreens, silo and mixer integration and vessel level control
  • Controls recipe management, formulations and new product development including the cost impact of ingredients
  • Optimises stock holding to lower costs while reducing shortages and increasing production through inventory control and warehouse management
  • Ensures QA/QC and traceability are accurate by being fully integrated software that removes the potential for errors and delays incurred across multiple systems

Learn more about UnityF8’s ERP software capabilities:

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