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Be a more productive precision manufacturer: discover Unity ERP

Make-to-Order ERP & MRP Manufacturing Software

Productivity is your priority whether you are an advanced manufacturer of machinery & equipment or a precision components engineering business. Be agile and profitable with Unity ERP: the specialist all-in-one business software for configure/make/design/engineer-to-order production.

If your manufacturing is out of the ordinary, you need this extraordinary ERP/MRP software to streamline your every task – whether from product configuration to project control, automotive scheduling to profitability analysis. Unity is proven industry-wide, in use by customers spanning aerospace groups to scientific equipment makers.

Smaller business? Take a look at our UnityExpress small business ERP/MRP software

Reduces your lead times and waste

Streamline your processes end-to-end with our lean manufacturing ERP/MRP strategies for smarter working and lower costs

Improves control of performance, costs and margins

Achieve informed decision making and tighter control of performance with Unity ERP’s integrated visibility across your factory floor, supply chain, commerce and accounting

Improves manufacturing estimations

Empower your make-to-order business with our integrated product configurator which supports accurate quotations and delivery times

ERP that surpasses the limits of standard systems

You receive a proven ERP system with the flexibility to match how you want to work and long-term support that doesn’t stand still, backed by us the software author

Smarter manufacturing processes for profitable growth

You receive everything you need to improve performance and meet all of your advanced manufacturing needs, without the limitations of off-the-shelf systems. Unity ERP capabilities include:

  • Controls your compliance with industry demands including OEM approvals and ISO and ASI 9100 quality standards
  • Manages Quality Control (QC), Tooling Control and Certificates of Conformity with full two-way traceability.
  • Speeds up product configuration: quickly and accurately build and price products using our integrated product configurator and features and options tools
  • Controls your projects to achieve your commerce commitments with reduced administration and improved visibility
  • Smarter supply chain management integrates everything from automotive scheduling to warranties and returns in one system
  • Integrates full financial controls to oversee profitability and cashflow instantly

You also enjoy a direct long-term partnership with us the software author, and benefit from our continual development programme serving Unity's community of top advanced manufacturing companies across the UK.

Learn more about Unity ERP’s capabilities for your business:

Operations Hub    Commerce Hub    Supply Chain Hub    Finance & Control Hub

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“Our shop floor data was originally collected and calculated manually. We needed a clear view to calculate cost and capacity accurately. Our ability to manage operations has improved dramatically.”

Managing Director, Howard S. Cooke

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