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Specialist software for the wholesale distribution and cash & carry industry

Wholesale Distribution and Cash & Carry Software Solutions

The retail arena has developed sophisticated methods to attract sales, offer more shopping channels and retain customers with higher levels of service and increased convenience. Equally, the use of technology and data is picking up pace in the wholesale and cash & carry industry.

Wholesale and cash & carry businesses are reappraising the way their customers want to shop with them, and the use of technology is instrumental in achieving success in these areas. Wholesalers are embracing new technology in light of rising customer expectations and offering services such as customer apps, click & collect and web ordering. They're also using business intelligence data on customers and sales to enhance their offerings and increase loyalty.

Specialist customer service

Using our specialist wholesale software, you will gain access to our experienced customer service team who have in-depth knowledge of our software and your industry.

To find out more about how our industry-specific software and expertise can help your wholesale or cash & carry business, contact us today.

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Specialist wholesale software for the wholesale and cash & carry industry

The delivered wholesale and cash & carry sector is a vital sector, linking manufacturers with all types of food and non-food retailers and foodservice businesses.

We've been supplying industry-specific software to delivered wholesale and cash & carry businesses for more than 20 years. Our innovative software is a key element of the continued successes being achieved by over 120 wholesale and cash & carry businesses across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

  • Industry-expertise
    Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Industry-specific
    Specialist wholesale software to meet your unique business needs
  • Industry partnerships
    We work with key associations such as all wholesale buying groups, Vocollect, Optrak and Heavey RF

Read more about how our industry-specific solution can take your wholesale and or cash & carry business to the next level.

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