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Another new business win for Proteus WMS

By David Bugden | Mar 8, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Independent retailer Andertons Music Co. selects award-winning WMS to control their warehouse

Established in 1964, Andertons is a family-run retailer serving the UK music community. From their Guildford music store and online musical instrument shop, they offer musicians a huge selection of guitars, amps, drums, pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, recording equipment, PA systems, music accessories and much more. They take pride in offering a high level of customer service, which is proven by the five star customer testimonials on their website.

With a growing website driving rapid company growth, it soon became apparent that the current warehouse and warehouse management system (WMS) was inadequate for their needs. A new WMS would solve the problems of stock control, cross docking, warehouse mapping and mis-picking. They also intended to utilise barcode scanning. Andertons made the decision to move their warehouse operation to larger premises and install a new RF WMS.

After a thorough trawl of the market, Andertons selected Proteus WMS in January 2017, to run their warehouse operation as the system fulfilled all their current needs and future growth plans. The WMS will interface to their existing Sparkstone ERP system, giving Andertons complete control of their stock from point of order to delivery to the end user.

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