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Make more of your data with Business Intelligence

By Nick Ivins | Oct 23, 2018 1:47:22 PM

If you’re looking to make informed business decisions using real-time data, then our brand-new Business Intelligence plugin might be exactly what you’re after. 

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BI solutions help decision makers rely less on instinct and perception and more on tangible data. So, if you’re managing stock flow, or goods in/goods out, BI uncovers trends in your day-to-day operations that help to maximise your efficiencies.  

Plugging into your version of Proteus, BI will allow you to drill deep from high level dashboards right down into underlying issues. Get first-hand access to the data that makes your business tick.

Our new BI plugin has a range of benefits including:

242F7 access on mobile devices-1

  • Invaluable for those important meetings with customers or suppliers
  • An essential tool for business visibility
  • Keeps you up to date when you're on the move

242F7 access on mobile devices (1)

  • Critical areas can be analysed to quickly provide the information needed
  • Dashboards presenting key information deliver a real-time overview of current performance - with the ability to drill down into the detail
  • Closely monitor warehouse and staff productivity, including orders picked, pick rates and outstanding orders







242F7 access on mobile devices (2)

  • Full control of who views and analyses data

242F7 access on mobile devices (3)

  • Dashboards and tabular views are easy to create and share, delivering the latest snapshot in a format that fits the needs of your business
  • Staff can also upload their own data to monitor their performance and set targets

Unlock the potential in your business data and access the latest information at your fingertips.

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