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The productivity checklist: Improve picking process by making your warehouse do more

By Neil Olsson | Jul 4, 2019 9:05:25 AM

Optimise warehouse layout and picking methods to improve productivity.

The picking process is the most labour intensive and expensive activity in almost every warehouse. In fact, the cost of order picking can be as much as 55% of a warehouse’s overall operating costs.

Getting your picking process right is not only vital to ensuring that board investments are being well spent, but it is also critical to achieving satisfactory levels of productivity.

Warehouse layout and picking methods are two of the biggest contributing factors to overall performance. Suboptimal practices in either of these fields can have a drastic impact on your potential volume of order fulfilment.

Thankfully, we’ve put together this checklist so you can learn how best to modify, combine and apply these measures in order to fit the individual needs of your warehouse, and maximise your potential output.

Find and apply the right picking methods to your business operations and you’ll not only maximise your productivity and use of available resources (referring to both the staff and space of your warehouse), but you’ll also receive the added perks of improved accuracy and operator ergonomics.

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