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The visibility checklist for 3PLs and distribution centres: what do your warehouse picking rates really look like?

By Neil Olsson | Jan 2, 2019 11:06:54 AM

As more emphasis is placed on speed, delivery, and accuracy, improving visibility across your warehouse is vital. Find out why and how you can succeed.

Picking is one of many processes that needs to be accurately tracked within 3PL warehouses and distribution centres, in order for these warehouses to meet both the complexities of modern customer demands and the efficiency standards set by senior management.

But many warehouses are still working from systems that their business operations have outgrown (or in many cases, from spreadsheets). As a result, errors are increasing, which is negatively impacting supply chain transparency, customer relationships, and overall profit. We take a look at what your warehouse needs to do to improve visibility and reduce errors.

As long as manual tracking and reporting processes are favoured within 3PL warehouses and distribution centres, they will lack the accuracy required to deliver the level of service expected by modern customers.

Internal inefficiencies will continue to persist and profitability will always be limited. In essence, warehouses that aren’t monitoring their picking rates with real-time data need to do so, or risk falling behind as demands and expectations continue to evolve.

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