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WMS System Monitor: Harness the power of your servers

By Linda Rodway | Sep 3, 2019 10:10:17 AM

Sanderson releases System Monitor module for Proteus WMS

Birmingham, UK - Sanderson’s Proteus WMS continues along the path of innovation with the release of the new System Monitor module. System monitor is used in conjunction with the WMS to consistently monitor the server’s performance whilst the WMS is in operation.

An on-premise WMS usually has its own, dedicated server. However, trouble shooting can be a challenge when issues occur and the necessary information to diagnose server problems might not always be readily available. All could be avoided if a server monitoring system was put in place, a preventative measure that forewarns potential server issues. 

The new WMS System Monitor for Proteus joins an already powerful array of WMS modules, sitting nicely alongside the standard features customers now come to expect from a WMS solution.  

WMS System Monitor key features:

  • Automatic system monitoring of your server, WMS application and database.
  • Configurable alerts to prevent system issues occurring.
  • Alerts including low disk space, server up time, final DB extent usage and failed database backups.
  • Monitor disk space, server up time, database backups, database table usage/sizes, databases extent usage, CPU idle times and memory usage.
  • System Monitor Enquiry to allow full visibility of system monitoring and date comparisons.
  • Estimate file system usage based on monitoring history/data re-coded each day.
  • System Monitor Report on all monitor data/recorded information.

The new WMS System Monitor module for Proteus consistently monitors and records what actions the server is undertaking, alerting and highlighting any potential issues that could affect the performance of warehouse operations. System Monitor allows the WMS to be configured to monitor not only the server, but also databases and disk drives. The information that has been obtained can be reviewed at any time using the enquiry facility.

WMS System Monitor key benefits:

  • Visibility: always know how your server is operating.
  • Time efficiency: be forewarned of issues relating to disk space, memory, and database usage.
  • Efficiency gains in warehouse operations.
  • Cost effective use of on-premise WMS.

The new WMS System Monitor module includes several alerts that can help to prevent possible issues with warehousing operations, the use of the WMS application and/or the server that the software and databases are located.

The new module adds another layer to this already innovative and award-winning WMS, giving you total control and unrivaled visibility.

For further information contact Neil Olsson on 0121 728 8000 or email neil.olsson@sanderson.com

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