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Warehouses must have rigorous controls and regulations to ensure the health and safety of the end consumer

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management Software

Warehousing management in the Pharmaceutical industry has its own set of unique rules that have to be adhered to. You must stock, pick, and ship product in a way that conforms to the many regulations that the sector demands.

We understand the warehouse management requirements of the Pharmaceutical sector, resulting in fully functional systems ensuring stock is always handled, not only in the correct, but also most efficient and cost effective manner.

Proteus WMS

Key Pharmaceutical functions include

FIFO rules

FIFO rules

Making sure the oldest stock in the warehouse is used first
Batch Traceability

Batch Traceability

Being able to see where any item has come from and gone out to
Expiry dates

Expiry dates

Know the age of your stock and when it must be sold by
Quality Control

Quality Control

Check stock coming in is up to standard before releasing into the warehouse
Aspirin and bottle

Industry Insight

GSK Pharmaceuticals

GSK gets a boost as they go live with Proteus WMS

One of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies were looking for a 3PL to store and ship their products on behalf of their Ireland operation, and a WMS to control stock movements and ensure delivery.

After a rigorous selection process GSK chose PRL as their 3PL and Proteus WMS to control their processes within the warehouse.

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How Proteus WMS can help you

In order to develop a system that suits your business perfectly, we spend time with you

Time spent building a clear picture of your business, how it works and what it needs to achieve – not just today, but tomorrow and further into the future.

Our philosophy is to deliver not just a system, but a long-term solution.

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