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Software to optimise your food production & supply chain with ERP

Increasing your food manufacturing output exposes if your internal systems can’t adequately manage your production and supply chain as you need.

Avoid these limitations with Aptean UnityF8 ERP, the food and beverage industry’s specialist ERP software for expanding businesses. Improve your delivery performance and spend less on inventory by optimising your use of capacity and materials.

Optimises production planning

Ensure your production planning delivers profitable, on-time products - Aptean UnityF8 ERP balances the effective use of your resources with customer demand

Records factory data for traceability and profitability

Accurately manage your gate controls, yields, labour costs, downtime and material usage - by capturing data from staff or equipment on the factory floor

Ensures inventory performance and traceability

Easily control your inventory’s rotation, quality, life, allergens and specifications to comply with the toughest standards - including on the spot audits

Delivers excellent customer service

Achieve on time, in full deliveries (OTIF) with smart planning that sequences picking, production and despatch to meet your delivery windows

Software delivering food excellence as standard

Enhance control of your factory floor, stock and procurement, whether you run a multi-site operation or a single factory, with Sanderson Aptean UnityF8 ERP software. We are the specialist in food manufacturing and supply chain ERP systems, today supporting 140+ food and drink manufacturing sites. Why not contact us today or download a brochure now?

Improve your Food Production Scheduling

When you find your production hampered by material shortages, your manufacturing capacity is being reduced through not planning effectively. To increase your production capacity without increasing your factory or staff headcount, Aptean UnityF8 ERP is the perfect choice:

  • Production plans are created aligned with scheduling capacity, available resources and deadlines
  • Controls material requirements and suggests buying plans
  • Manages sequences according to resources or product groups/characteristics to reduce downtime

Control your Factory Floor data in real time with accurate data capture

It is the manual elements of how you capture data on your factory floor that lead to delayed and incorrect paperwork from the shift leader. Common issues include that ad-hoc recipe change not recorded and weighed ingredients recorded by hand.

Aptean UnityF8 ERP solves these issues with touchscreens and weighing equipment integration on your factory floor. This transforms your traceability too, replacing manual processes which are error-prone and time-consuming:

  • Eliminates mistakes with real-time recipe weighing guidance and monitoring of Factory Floor Data Capture

  • Speeds up response, linking staff via touchscreens, tablets or by direct instruction to machinery (e.g. silos and mixers)

Ensure smarter Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

The wastage of ingredients due to expiration is avoidable, as are labour intensive stock takes and valuations. Aptean UnityF8 ERP ensures that your picks and consumptions are properly controlled:

  • Ensures effective stock control for both single and multi-site operations, minimising stock costs and wastage

  • Streamlines inventory control through the use of barcoding, RF scanning and voice-picking options

  • Delivers real-time stock checks and an audit of movements in the warehouse

  • Manages finished goods handling: supports pick by load, order, vehicle and other criteria

  • Manages shelf life requirements and enables the generation of dispatch schedules

Control procurement for shorter lead times and lower stockholding costs

Excessive amounts of capital tied-up in stock is a needless risk to the cashflow of your business. Yet if stock shortages occur frequently, you extend lead times. The answer is smarter procurement by Aptean UnityF8 ERP:

  • Procurement is controlled in accordance with buying rules, stock levels and minimum order levels

  • Calculates material requirements and suggests buying plans

  • Tracks order progress

  • Receipt scheduling can be tracked with booking in times

The choice of 140+ food and drink manufacturing sites

Talk to Sanderson or explore this site to learn why top bakeries to beverages makers partner with us to succeed.

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