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Looking for the best manufacturing software for mid-sized manufacturers and engineering firms? You've found it: Unity is our flagship ERP/MRP system to help you achieve faster growth through smarter processes.

Smaller manufacturer? Check out our UnityExpress small business ERP/MRP software.

Achieve more than ‘out of the box’ systems can support: that's why 100s of manufacturing SMEs today run on Sanderson software. Your result is class-leading performance:

  • Optimises your capacity with graphical planning tools

    Ensure demand is matched efficiently to your resources with our smart planning tools for capacity and priorities, fed by factory floor data. Plus manages vehicle loading, deliveries etc.

  • Improves control with real-time dashboards and workflows

    Enable your managers to respond faster to priorities and problems: our role-based dashboards provide KPIs and event alerts in real-time

  • Declutters your documents with secure digital controls

    Eliminate paperwork from quotation to invoice with auto-generated documents. Plus attach drawings, contracts etc. directly into Unity to enjoy secure version control and remote access

  • Exclusive ERP software for UK manufacturing SMEs

    Many ERP systems try to serve multiple industries, causing gaps that manufacturers and engineers have to fill with additional systems. Not Unity ERP: everything you need is included

Join the community of advanced manufacturers who enjoy the competitive advantages of specialist software. Whether you are a large engineering group or an independent furniture maker, we have you covered with software you can grow into, not out of.

A glimpse inside your Unity ERP software for manufacturing and engineering:

Operations Hub

Optimises your stock, scheduling, production and quality control to ensure your operation is a ‘smart factory’ – including factory floor touchscreens (SFDC). Learn more

Commerce Hub

Streamlines your quotations and sales, CRM, warranty control and online portals. Learn more

Supply Chain Hub

Manages the performance of your vendors, purchasing and supply chain. Learn more

Finance & Control Hub

Provides with you control via management reporting, workflows, access controls and of course fully integrated Finance and Human Resources capabilities. Learn more

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Discover the difference of a class-leading manufacturing system from Sanderson, the UK's ERP/MRP software specialist.
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Ready to grow? Choose our best ever manufacturing ERP software

Take your business forward faster without the struggles caused by multiple, disparate systems. Unity is your all-in-one software to maximise your production capacity, reduce waste and transform your control of profitability and customer service.

Microsoft Office integration improves response times

As using Excel, Outlook and Word is often the reality of work, Unity ERP gives you access to its reports and data directly from your Office applications. Now ensure your staff use data that is accurate and real-time in every task.


Mobile apps for sales, inventory and beyond

Speed up key processes with Unity ERP functionality on your smartphone, tablet or handheld, thanks to the compatible apps from our in-house mobile app team


Protecting your IT infrastructure with full technical support

At Sanderson we know your IT infrastructure doesn’t stop at your ERP system, so we offer a full range of services spanning Servers, Security, Network Administration & Support

Outgrowing 'off the shelf' software? Talk to Sanderson

You receive personalised best practices for streamlining your production, sales and supply chain because we've done 30 years of software development within the manufacturing industry. Unity ERP software is your ideal choice to replace inefficient ways of working and modernise your factory floor.

Find out why we're the long-term IT partner of 100s of manufacturers across the UK.

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“Our shop floor data was originally collected and calculated manually. We needed a clear view to calculate cost and capacity accurately. Our ability to manage operations has improved dramatically.”

Managing Director, Howard S. Cooke

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