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Software to transform your factory's shop floor with real-time control

Manufacturing Software: your all-in-one Production, Scheduling, Quality Control & MRP System

Your challenge in manufacturing is optimising your use of resources without impacting your quality of service or profit margins. Our Aptean Unity ERP software eliminates your operational delays and excess costs by delivering real-time control of your shop floor, full traceability, and smarter control of your stock.

Aptean Unity ERP is a new generation of software for manufacturing enterprise optimisation (MEO). This delivers performance beyond the reach of traditional MRP or ERP systems. 

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Transform your planning to agile and optimised

Optimise your factory’s capacity with integrated graphical planning tools and agile processes that eliminate delays and waste of resource

Reveal your true production costs to protect profit margins

Accurately track material and labour costs with touchscreens available to capture shop floor data and control Work in Progress

Deliver quality control across production and documents

Protect quality with version controls, approval workflows and tracking of test certificates, inspections and engineering changes

Engineered for performance beyond typical MRP/ERP

Sanderson Aptean Unity ERP is the proven ERP/MRP system for manufacturers integrating all business activities into one single platform


What's included in new Aptean Unity ERP manufacturing software? See inside

Boost your performance by integrating control across your shop floor and supply chain, all the way from product configuration to MRP to despatch and invoicing, with Unity software. Sanderson is the choice of 100s of UK manufacturers – why not speak to us now?

Enhance profitability and speed with Production Controls

True costs of taking your designs from CAD to your shop floor stay hidden with disconnected systems. Aptean Unity ERP oversees each step to track costs, reveal work in progress, automate tasks and ensure control of your products and resources.

  • Ensures accurate visibility of Job Costings
  • Records true time and costs with Labour Recording
  • Provides rapid BOM builds with CAD-to-ERP Integration
  • Tracks job activity with Shop Floor Data Collection Touchscreens
  • Manages engineering change control and revisions with Product Lifecycle
  • Records employee hours accurately with Time & Attendance
  • Automates creation of Work in Progress jobs based on triggers
  • Prioritises Work to Lists for work centres/machines
  • Displays progress and priority on Shop Floor TV displays
  • Drives effective decisions and best practices using real-time control

Maximise capacity and responsiveness with Planning & Scheduling

Effective planning boosts your production capacity, profits and customer service, yet is hard without the visual planning tools to match demand to resources based on real-time information. Aptean Unity ERP gives your planner these tools for “what-if” and rescheduling capabilities:

  • Assists responsive production with Rough Cut Planning (RCP)

  • Delivers shop floor control with Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

  • Determines a co-ordinated manufacturing plan with Master Production Schedule (MPS)

  • Calculates and allocates demand with Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Maintain the highest standards in Quality Control & Inspection

Your quality control requires sophisticated record-keeping and approvals that are hard to administer across disparate internal systems. Aptean Unity ERP unites your documents, approvals, test certificates and engineering changes to effortlessly comply with the highest standards:

  • Eliminates mistakes caused by old documents with Version Control
  • Ensures security with electronic approval controls
  • Securely tracks, manages and stores your documents with Document Management
  • Allows multiple product versions with Engineering Change Control
  • Records audit of test details and results with Test Certifications
  • Protects your business with Compliance Controls

Reduce lead times and costs with Stock Control

Minimising your stockholding costs without impacting your sales or lead times is difficult balance without an integrated view of real-time demand, delivery dates and historic trends. That’s why your all-in-one Aptean Unity ERP software:

  • Improves stocking efficiencies with Inventory Control & Warehouse Management
  • Ensures up-to-date inventory balance information with Perpetual Inventory
  • Ensures speed, error prevention and security with Bar Codes & Scanning
  • Reliably tracks items with Material Control & Traceability

What's included in new Aptean Unity ERP software? Download your brochure now

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“Our shop floor data was originally collected and calculated manually. We needed a clear view to calculate cost and capacity accurately. Our ability to manage operations has improved dramatically.”

Managing Director, Howard S. Cooke

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