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With over 25 years of multi-channel and distance selling experience, we understand the importance of optimising operations to ensure continued success and business growth. Our multi-channel ERP software is the business system of choice for leading brands including; Hotel Chocolat, Joe Browns, Axminster Tools & Machinery and Tottenham Hotspur.

Sanderson multi-channel retail software helps you to expand and manage multiple sales channels, achieve a single view of customers, offer flexible fulfilment and delivery options, and utilise all stock across your business, to support all channels.

Find out how Sanderson multi-channel retail software underpins every part of Axminster Tools & Machinery’s business and has powered growth to £47m.

As the software author, Sanderson provides your business with increased flexibility and knowledge to maximise your opportunities for growth and adapt to changing buyer behaviour and market development. This has proven highly effective for our customers.

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Effective management of all sales channels

  • We recognise that eCommerce growth has accelerated order volumes through an increasing number of online channels for both wholesale and retail businesses; Sanderson provides a single system that manages and consolidates all sales orders, for both B2C & B2B sectors
  • Integrations with leading eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware, and IBM WebSphere, in addition to our own integrated eCommerce platforms, ensure your online channels perform 24/7
  • Our multi-channel retail software solves the challenges of marketplaces, facilitating order imports and effective stock management for these dynamic channels. Many of our customers are deploying Amazon, eBay, La Redoute, and Zolanda eCommerce marketplaces
  • eCommerce is only one part of the order mix. Our software offers integrated order management for all channels - wholesale, retail stores, concessions, catalogue & mail order and call centre

A single customer view

  • Acquiring a 360° view of past and present customer behaviour presents huge benefits for today’s retailers
  • Sanderson software delivers a consolidated customer viewpoint, providing invaluable customer data for better target marketing and personalisation to drive sales. And actionable insight for developing customer loyalty and improving customer journeys
  • Using our powerful de-duping tool improves data quality for our customers and forms part of their data management and compliance solutions

One version of the truth

  • A single source of business information in one place - Sanderson multi-channel retail software provides a central repository of information for your entire business, 24/7
  • Orders, customer data, price lists, promotions, purchase orders, stock, stock movements and more, are stored in one system
  • Interactive BI dashboards provide a single view of critical business operations, consolidating defined KPIs and business metrics on a single screen

Intelligent stock management 

Our company wide solutions deliver a single view of stock in real-time, visible across all sales channels and operations

Align supply and demand - our software ensures optimal stock holdings, based on sales history, seasonal trends and forecasts, ensuring maximum stock availability at the correct time, at the correct location, to successfully fulfil orders

Flexible and configurable stock allocation offers the ability to prioritise channels and fulfil back orders, ensuring orders from your most profitable sales channels are fulfilled promptly


Flexible warehouse management and order fulfilment

  • Streamlining supply chains with greater levels of warehouse visibility and automation is important for optimising processes such as the receipt of goods, storage, order picking & packing, despatch and managing the burden of increased returns
  • Increase control and traceability of stock movements across single or multiple warehouse locations and throughout your supply chain
  • Our warehouse management capabilities offer an expanded range of delivery services, complemented by integrations to industry leading carriers and delivery management platforms including MetaPack, GFS and Global-e, for faster delivery and a smoother returns process

Comprehensive Product Management

  • Sanderson multi-channel retail software seamlessly distributes unlimited volumes of product information across all customer touchpoints; including in-store point of sale, eCommerce channels and customer service teams, delivering consistent product data throughout the business
  • As well as consolidating and optimising your entire product management and set-up processes, Sanderson software adapts to specialist industry requirements, like style features for fashion and footwear businesses and perishable food and non-food ranges
  • Data import features enable new products and product changes to be swiftly uploaded, saving you valuable time

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