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Discover customer insights and unleash additional sales opportunities

Retail CRM Software

Accurately profile and market to your multi-channel customers with Sanderson retail marketing and CRM software; giving you the tools to manage targeted promotional campaigns and personalised offers to increase sales revenues.

Customers shopping across multiple channels must enjoy a seamless experience as they switch from channel to channel. Key to this is being able to view the customer as a single entity across all channels.

Thanks to Sanderson marketing and CRM, all customer activity and interaction is centralised regardless of sales channel or touchpoint, providing a single view of the customer.

Sophisticated customer profiling

Provides innovative tools to create promotional campaigns and targeted offers that let you reach the most profitable customers, based on buying patterns

Promotions management

Build and manage targeted promotions that can boost sales, drive existing customer purchase activity and increase profitability. Segment customers by campaign responsiveness and target your inactive and active customers with unique special offers and promotions to encourage customer loyalty


Software engineered specifically for the multi-channel retail sector by Sanderson, with on-going and continued support from our expert team

Campaign analysis and reporting

Analyse the profitability and success of your campaigns using detailed and accurate reporting tools. Use key customer demographics and Recency Frequency Monetary value (RFM) analysis to shape your campaign strategy

Platform for success

Identify customer groups, plan targeted marketing campaigns and analyse the results to measure success; our retail marketing and CRM software provides all the tools needed to manage CRM and marketing activities effectively, contact us today or request a brochure.

Campaigns built on insight

Key features of Sanderson retail marketing and CRM software include:

  • More than 40 standard marketing reports for comprehensive campaign analysis
  • Easy, effective campaign cost allocation
  • Detailed customer profiling and segmentation
  • Over 55 different promotions as standard
  • Targeted mailing lists with data cleansing and mailing list management
  • Loyalty management solution to encourage repeat business and brand loyalty across all channels
  • Management of promotions, with editing functionality
  • Facility for vouchers, coupons and gift cards across all channels
  • Date and time effective promotions
  • eGuides
  • Infographics
  • Slideshares
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“We knew we needed a much more sophisticated CRM capability to make the most of the data we were collecting. At the same time, we were also struggling to cope with our web fulfilment system & we were delighted to discover that Sanderson could solve both these problems in one go.”

Beaverbrooks the Jewellers

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