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Industry leading solutions from Sanderson make managing your transport operations more efficient and effective; whether you are a logistics company operating contracts for a number of clients, or have an in-house operation working on a dedicated basis.

CALIDUS TMS provides better visibility across road, rail, air and sea operations for major logistics operations across the world, supporting leading household names in retail, wholesale and manufacturing, whether it’s through inbound movements from abroad, primary distribution, or distribution to stores and home delivery.

With CALIDUS TMS from Sanderson you can achieve:

  • Improved planning and management

    Transform transport movements by road, air, rail and sea with multi-modal capability

  • Faster, more efficient deliveries

    Decrease the amount of paperwork for your team with electronic proof of delivery

  • Improved vehicle efficiency

    Reduce empty running miles with telematics for better fleet management

  • Better vehicle management

    Keep your fleet DVSA compliant, safe and efficient with CALIDUS VEhub

  • Enhanced customer service

    Provide better visibility for customers with a real-time updates on our track and trace portal

  • 3PL expertise

    Bespoke functionality caters to the needs of the 3PL marketplace

  • Railhead / Port integration

    Sophisticated logistics management for road, rail, air and sea movements

Learn how to improve your transport operations

Download the CALIDUS Transport Management Software brochure to discover how you can cost effectively optimise your fleet.

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CALIDUS TMS features

CALIDUS Online Portal

Manage your orders at consignment order and item level, with orders captured electronically through flexible EDI capability, on screen or through the CALIDUS Online portal.

Planning and optimisation

Plan and optimise vehicle trips, optimising your driver miles and reducing empty running miles. Effectively manage your trips from loading and despatch, through to final proof of delivery.

Movement control

Control movements that involve multiple pick up with single or multiple drops, single pick up with single or multiple drop, mix of collection and delivery on a single trip, trunking, crossdocking and trailer swaps.

Real-time Communications

Use real-time communications with in-cab or mobile devices for real time data capture as trips are executed. See greater visibility and tracking of the fleet and record first-hand the outcome of each collection or delivery.

Equipment tracking

Integrated pallet and equipment tracking minimises the all too often high cost of losses.

Tariff and billing facilities

Comprehensive tariff and billing facilities help you charge for completed services, and combined with inbuilt costing of vehicle operations, get instant trip, vehicle and contract profitability analysis.

Configure Transport Management Software to your needs

Multi-client contract operation with parameterisation by client for 3PL organisations

Supports your company structure:

  • Countries
  • Multi-branch
  • Depots (including allocation of revenues/cost across locations and business types)
  • Own fleet and sub-contracted transport

Supports your international operations:

  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency
  • Operate across multiple time zones

Optimisation and Planning

Specific operations require varying levels of optimisation and planning, all of which are offered comprehensively within CALIDUS TMS:

Regular daily job plans - route templates for particular days

Dynamic routing and scheduling

Calculation of planned arrival and departure times for each trip stop to meet order windows

Own fleet and sub contract operations

Local and trunk trips with trailer swap facility

Order Capture and Management

Our Transport Management Software helps you manage orders created with the following features:

  • Multi-client contract operation with parameterisation by client for 3PL organisations
  • Empower customers to place orders online or via EDI
  • Flexible on screen option to input and amend orders
  • Orders can be received based at a consignment level or at a detailed order and item level
  • Flexible and comprehensive date driven orders with selection of orders for planning or reporting that you can decide on a variety of parameters

Who we work with

NHS Blood and Transplant

NHS Blood and Transplant implements new logistics technology enhancing blood collection and delivery service

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