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Unlock the potential in your data to support business growth

Powerful, easy to use and limitless in scope, our Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition Business Intelligence software enables you to identify sales trends, analyse and transform data from your system into valuable business information. With these useful insights you can make informed decisions, instantly access latest business performance and create targeted marketing campaigns to drive sales.

24/7 access on mobile devices

24/7 access to key information is invaluable at customer or supplier meetings, at trade shows or when you are on the move

Powerful data analysis

Critical data such as sales, purchasing, stock and cash can be analysed to provide information on demand. Dashboards presenting key financial information deliver a real-time overview of current performance – with the ability to drill down into the detail

Dynamic Dashboards

Deliver the latest snapshot of your company with dashboards and tabular views

Protect your cash flow and improve your purchasing power

You can identify slow selling products, missed sales and review supplier performance to help you negotiate terms and prices

Use business data to your advantage

Easily identify how products, regions, sales and staff are performing, to help you make strategic decisions and drive future growth

Marketing success

Analyse data from individual customers, products or regions to create highly targeted marketing campaigns to drive sales based on insights and trends



Tap into the potential in your business data

Easily access the potential in your business data. Contact us to find out how to use Business Intelligence to increase sales, make informed decisions and create powerful reports. Download a brochure today and discover more about our software.

Stay informed

Our Aptean Distribution ERP Business Intelligence software enables you to:

  • Use current and historical Aptean Distribution ERP data for customer profiling and management reporting
  • Protect sensitive data which is accessible to authorised users only
  • React quickly to any issues as soon as they are identified
  • Create reports and views of data for individual use or team shares
  • Stay informed of business performance 24/7 with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards
  • Make informed decisions based on the latest accurate information
  • Easily export data and reports to other applications, including Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook
  • eGuides
  • Infographics
  • Slideshares
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“Business Intelligence is a remarkable tool as it makes all our business data meaningful. It is easy to use and allows the management team to view their key performance indicators.”

Mark Kitchen, IT Manager, Turner-Price