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Improve customer service at the tills with a fast, efficient checkout service

Cash & Carry Tills Software for Wholesalers

Our Cash & Carry till software helps provide a dynamic and efficient checkout service, reducing queues and improving visibility for busy Cash & Carry and trade counter operations.

Improve the speed of till processing, boost customer experience and increase checkout efficiency via one single, integrated platform. The software also enables you to manage credit limits, with automatic alerts to credit control, to protect your cash flow.

Increase checkout efficiency

Reduce queues by improving speed and efficiency at the tills, with touch screen capability and instant access to customer and stock information. Also Queuebuster technology can be used as mobile points of sale in the warehouse

Complete customer account details at the till

Check customer credit limits, contract details, sales verifications of specific items such as tobacco or alcohol and promote personalised offers to increase sales

Fully integrated system

Our Cash & Carry till software offers real-time reporting to other operations including alerts to credit control, enabling informed decision-making at all levels

Enhance performance analysis

Real-time reporting on individual tills to assess efficiency and performance


Resilient till order processing

PC tills can be configured to operate in resilient stand-alone mode. Every night the system updates each till with latest customer, product and price details, ready for trade the next day. In the event of a system failure, you can continue to trade and each resilient till will continue to process all transactions back to the main system.

Quick and easy order processing

Improving the speed and efficiency of till operations ensures a better experience for the customer – and a greater chance of repeat business. Our Cash & Carry till software means orders can be processed easily by scanning a product barcode, keying the product code or entering the product description.

Cash & Carry till software

Helps you to provide a dynamic and efficient checkout service. Contact us to find out more or download a brochure.

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