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“The ePOD system offers a complete solution for our delivery service”Kitwave Wholesale Group

You can reduce operating costs and increase productivity and accuracy with our Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system. The ePOD system is a multi-dimensional delivery system enabling staff to capture customer acceptance signatures and carry out delivery amendments at the customer site.

It improves the operational efficiency of your deliveries by reducing costly delivery errors and enhancing your customer service. Use our ePOD system to gain improved delivery accuracy, increased staff productivity and efficient vehicle management – with a typical return on investment in less than six months.

Achieve ROI through cost reductions

Minimise lost or incorrect delivery documents, optimise journey routes and receive immediate proof of goods received by a customer, by integrating all your delivery processes into the ePOD system

Improves customer service

Drivers can use our ePOD system to record customer preferences such as delivery location specifications, record customer feedback, manage uplifts, and arrange for printed invoices for corrected orders on the spot

Increase delivery accuracy

Reduce paper-based processes to increase the productivity of your staff, as well as improving the accuracy of delivery processes

“The ePOD has reduced the masses of paperwork and there are now more deliveries completed in the day”.

Sam Durrant, Logistics Manager, Woods Foodservice


Watch the video to see a stage by stage walk through of how the ePOD system is used in the delivery process and see ePOD in action at our customer Caterite. It’s helping the foodservice wholesaler to achieve faster and more efficient deliveries.

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Designed for wholesalers

With an automated delivery process, you can improve accuracy and prevent costly delivery errors. Our ePOD system supports vehicle asset management, automates journey plans and provides access to CRM functions to record customer feedback.

Improved accuracy, efficient service

Using ePOD software, your business can benefit from:

  • Improved delivery accuracy with an automated process which minimises lost or incorrect documents
  • Cost savings, as deliveries are checked & amended on site, saving costs associated with processing delivery errors, re-delivery & collections
  • Increased staff productivity by removing time-consuming, paper-based processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction as staff can carry out CRM functions such as customer surveys and manage uplift requests
  • Strengthened vehicle management, with use of valuable vehicle checklists to monitor driver and vehicle activity
  • Optimised delivery scheduling with an easy to view automated journey plan and use of Google maps
  • eGuides
  • Infographics
  • Slideshares
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“We’ve saved time and effort. The ePOD has given us more control of the delivery process from start to finish.”

Alan McCartney, IT Director, Kitwave Wholesale Group

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