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Manage a cost-effective stock purchasing process

Purchase Ordering Software for Wholesalers

Take control of demand forecasting with our wholesale purchase ordering software, fully integrated within the Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition system. It delivers quick and effective stock replenishment forecasting, delivering tangible cost and time savings through automation of processes.

Easy and accurate invoice matching

Capture complex purchasing information including promotions, bonuses and rebates

Cut costs, improve space efficiency

Automated processes can help reduce over or under-stocking costs and make best use of warehouse space

Manage your supplier relationships

Up-to-date delivery and performance statistics enables you to negotiate supplier terms

Up-to-the-minute information

Real-time updates for demand forecasting can support other business operations such as order planning and stock control, protecting your cash flow


Putting you in control

Make manual processes a thing of the past with wholesale purchase ordering software, which can cut costs, improve efficiency and ensure accuracy for clear, simple demand forecasting.

Complete view of purchasing activity by product

With instant access to full purchase history you can support price negotiations with suppliers, verify order status reports and outstanding purchase orders, analyse statistics of individual product sales and perform revenue analysis for long standing supplier agreements.

Simplify demand forecasting, purchasing and stock control

Contact us to find out how you can save money and manage an efficient stock replenishment process.

The information you need, when you need it

Sanderson wholesale purchase ordering software offers:

  • Easy recording of new products without leaving the purchase order section
  • Automated buying reports
  • Management of all allowances by supplier or product and identification of any issues
  • eGuides
  • Infographics
  • Slideshares
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Who we work with


“Staff used to go through the warehouse to manually record what items have been sold. With Swords we have accurate stock visibility, enabling us to buy more efficiently.”

Dinesh Mody, Director, Ghandi Oriental Foods

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